GMB Publishing launches definitive business guide to outsourcing

Managing Business Support Services’ authored by Capgemini

Whether setting up outsourcing relationships in the UK or overseas, the management of support services by specialist providers makes a big difference to the cost and effectiveness of business operations. As services increasingly bundle skills in technology, transformation and outsourcing to achieve fundamental change, the issue is no longer whether to outsource, but what, why, where, when and how.

Written by a leading team of international outsourcing experts at Capgemini, Managing Business Support Services is an important new book that aims to help non-specialist managers acquire the knowledge they need to understand outsourcing services and get the most from their suppliers and professional advisors.

Managing Business Support Services was written against a backdrop of outsourcing, offshoring and the contracting out of business support services becoming major contributors to business competitiveness in every 21st century enterprise. Collaborating with outsourcing partners provides access to skills and assets, innovation and upfront investment.

"Increasingly, in the next society’s corporation, top management will, in fact, be the Company. Everything else will be outsourced". - The Economist

"Off-shoring is now part and parcel of doing business in the global economy….. Make no mistake, this is a survival issue. Anyone who believes that firms have a great deal of choice is naive." - Sir Digby Jones, CBI Director General

Drawing on case studies, Managing Business Support Services is the definitive guide for any organisation contemplating outsourcing support services. It is equally relevant to larger SMEs, middle market companies, multinationals and public sector agencies.

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