XiliXTM and MLHTM Expand Access to Include Nagoya

MetaBit’s Market Liquidity Hub (MLHTM) has added the Nagoya Stock Exchange (NSE) to its liquidity pool. NSE is accessible through XiliXTM, MetaBit’s intuitive trading tool and the MLHTM, via a Japanese broker. Specialised institutional investors can now access market liquidity in yet another Japanese market. Other markets already connected include TSE, OSE, JASDAQ, and TOCOM. Although NSE is comparatively smaller than some other exchanges in Japan, MetaBit responds to the needs of asset managers and institutional investors that have requested to send orders electronically to all major exchanges in Japan.

"The addition of NSE to MetaBit’s connectivity offering through XiliXTM and MLHTM is yet another step in our strategy to complete market coverage in Japan," said Yoko Tateya, Director MetaBit, "This service is in response to the demand of our Japan buy side client base. MetaBit offers its clients the one stop solution for electronic order routing to all major markets in Japan."

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