Townsend Analytics Adds Risk/Reward Trading with Elliott Wave to RealTick® Trading Tools

MTPredictorâ„¢ RT 4.0 helps traders determine what to trade, which trades are worth the risk, how much to risk, and how to manage the selected trades

CHICAGO, January 24, 2005—The ultimate goal of trading is to increase both the size and frequency of winning trades. RealTick now offers a tested and proven add-on to its direct-access trading software that promises to do just that.

The new MTPredictor RT 4.0 helps traders to identify trades, assess trade risk, determine position size and manage their exit strategy--all in real time. This Elliott Wave-based software uses an exclusive "Isolation Approachâ„¢" to identify likely areas of price reversals that lead to low risk/high reward trades. Using streaming, real-time data from RealTick, it identifies complete trade set-ups the instant they unfold and displays them with full set-up, risk/reward and trade management analysis.

Already hailed by leading industry publications as "a sound and complete system for trading, "easy to use," and "the best in its class for overall value," MTPredictor expects to gain both private and institutional customers through its availability on the internationally acclaimed RealTick platform. And current RT 4.0 customers now have a greater choice of brokers.

"The RealTick interface is rock solid, the data is fast and clean, and the large number of brokers supporting RealTick gives RT 4.0 traders a seriously better choice than before," states MTPredictor Director of Sales & Marketing Tony Beckwith.

"We're pleased to be able to offer a tool that combines the best of the Elliot Wave technique with ease of use," says Rustam Lam, Managing Director for TAL Europe. "And like RealTick, MTPredictor is a multi-asset class program that works for stocks, futures and Forex," Lam adds.

RealTick from Townsend Analytics delivers a wide range of North American and European trading-quality market data for multiple asset classes, unlimited depth of book, advanced research and analytical tools, risk and account management tools, as well as direct trading connectivity to major pools of liquidity such as listed exchanges in the U.S. and overseas, ECNs and broker-specific destinations.
Euromoney magazine’s Financial Software User Survey recently ranked Townsend Analytics highly in several categories, including Overall Cross-Category, Market Data Provider, FX & Derivatives, and Cash Positioning. Townsend Analytics garnered the highest combined score for Overall Cross-Category and Market Data Provider.

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