Wealth Management Software plc (WMS) continues to build on its 'Making Life Easier' pledge with new product launches

Wealth Management Software plc (WMS) is has launched two new software modules to enhance the already comprehensive range of Fairs Software products for IFAs.

The new products, Fairs Document Manager and Fairs Workflow Manager, have both been designed to make life easier for advisers by streamlining IFA business processes. Both products can be deployed as standalone or integrated with existing Fairs IFA Manager back office solutions.

Fairs Document Manager is a comprehensive document scanning, storage and retrieval solution and is an efficient and cost effective remedy to the inevitable build up of documentation associated with running a compliant IFA practice. Fairs Document Manager acts as an all-in-one administration tool, compliance aid and can mean an end to the huge volumes of storage space required for paper documentation and files.

Fairs Workflow Manager comprehensively manages client tracking, events, actions and reminders ensuring that all activities are carried out in the correct order and by the correct personnel. Users are able to view their particular tasks within a user-friendly browser, which informs them of pending tasks awaiting their action. The time saved by deploying efficient workflow enables the adviser to concentrate on more important matters such as delivering advice to clients.

Commenting on the product launches, Gary Sawyer, Managing Director of WMS Financial Adviser Services said:

'The launch of these products strengthens our commitment to making life easier for Financial Advisers in 2005 and beyond. The Fairs Document Manager solution is based on an existing and proven solution from WMS that already boasts over 250 clients. The volume of paperwork within an Adviser's office continues to grow as increased levels of compliance are forced upon the industry and the number of products on offer multiplies every year. This is where such a solution proves invaluable'

'Fairs Document Manager can streamline all administrative processes. It is easy to implement, easy to use and the benefits are limitless. All incoming paper documents can be scanned, saved and filed within a few minutes. The document is available to view, print and distribute thereafter and can be filed under any search term the user wishes to define, be this product, client or date specific etc.'

Sawyer continued:

'Fairs Workflow Manager is designed to free up valuable time for Advisers with its ability to take control of and map out infinite numbers of daily business tasks from start to finish. Tasks such as mortgage application and portfolio valuation requests are turned into simple processes with specific staff members receiving prompts to carry out a particular action / s along the 'chain'. This eradicates confusion over responsibility and time scales concerning a particular task. Workflow Manager is an essential tool for ensuring that all client requests and needs are met fully and on time'.

'The integration of flexible document and client workflow management software into any Adviser organisation can have a huge impact on business efficiency and client service, particularly when linked to a comprehensive back office database such as Fairs IFA Manager. Our client base proves that use of these products in harmony can genuinely deliver that end-to-end IT solution that so many IFA practices seek'.

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