NOCHEX Joins Forces with RSTO to Help Companies Trade Successfully Online

NOCHEX the Leeds-based online payment provider, announces its customer support collaboration with the Edinburgh-based e-business online trading programme, RSTO. Under the initiative, NOCHEX customers will be able to sign up to RSTO’s government accredited Trade Online Project and gain advice from industry experts on wider e-commerce issues; not just their core e-payments.

The 360° Support package from RSTO addresses the critical issue of assisting customers with technology issues - such as how to set up shopping carts, update their websites and achieve successful marketing. A standard Trade Online Project for just £619 will provide the development and design of a full featured e-commerce website project and give impartial advice on how to plan and build an online business following government accredited methodologies.

RSTO experts offer hands-on advice that ensures a fully trading website is up and running by the end of a client’s project. Customers complete a modular 10-point project plan that covers the key elements of online trading and helps them make informed decisions at every stage of the process. Permanent and pervasive web and phone-based support is provided by RSTO.

Online traders can gain a free Project Report for their website by filling in a form. Provided by RSTO advisers, the report covers web page design, shopping cart software and online payment, and identifies whether the business would be suitable for a Trade Online Project development.

Stephen Potts, marketing manager of NOCHEX, comments: "We are diligent in supporting customers with our e-payment application but frequently find marketing and support are hampered by problems with other parts of the e-commerce jigsaw. For instance, the customer’s shopping catalogue might not be working properly or they don’t know the FTP details for their website. Our support scheme with RSTO will go a long way towards overcoming these issues."

J.P. Anderson, chairman of RSTO, comments: "The myriad of e-commerce options can be terribly complicated for small businesses. RSTO has created thousands of successful eCommerce outcomes for the DTI and Scottish Enterprise and we are now extending this knowledge to the commercial sector to help businesses trade successfully online."

NOCHEX customers have been quick to capitalise on the support offered by RSTO. The company has seen a significant reduction in the period between customers signing up for the service and their sites going live.

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