Russell Indexes Surpass $2.5 Trillion in Benchmarked Assets

Tacoma, WA - Russell Investment Group’s U.S. stock indexes now have a record $2.5 trillion in assets benchmarked to them. This milestone accounts for actively and passively managed institutional and retail funds, including exchange traded funds.

The $2.5 trillion, which includes assets benchmarked against the broad-market Russell 3000Ò Index, the large-cap Russell 1000Ò Index and the small-cap Russell 2000Ò Index, was determined by Russell’s examination of Morningstar’s DataLab, a Russell/Mellon client survey and Nelson Information’s MarketPlace Web database.

"More investors across the board are opting for Russell indexes to measure investment performance," said Kelly Haughton, strategic director of Russell indexes. "We take pride in reaching this milestone because it reaffirms our core belief that Russell indexes provide investors with the clearest picture of the U.S. market."

This year marks the 21st anniversary of the Russell indexes. Russell employs its indexes to objectively evaluate investment managers for multi-manager funds and other investment services.

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