The Power of Fractal Edge Visualisation is made available to APARIQ Clients

London, UK – 24 February 2005 – Fractal Edge today announced its strategic alliance with APARIQ, US-based decision support & knowledge management consultants. The alliance will address a range of market opportunities including US government contracts.

APARIQ was founded in 1999 by Stanford Business School grad and former Navy Captain Gil Lucas. He believes that "If you cannot see it, you cannot manage it or fix it. Much decision-making is degraded because of poor connectivity to available information and false assumptions made by decision makers, especially in dynamic environments".

Fractal Edge software improves decision making by providing a simple intuitive display that can represent millions of disparate data points whilst allowing rapid drill-down to information sets of interest. As a management tool, Fractal Maps can mitigate the risk of decision makers losing situational awareness in rapidly changing environments.

"This strategic alliance provides Fractal Edge with a great opportunity to leverage APARIQ’s intimate knowledge of the challenges facing the U.S. Government sector to bring the visualisation, navigation and analytic power of Fractal Map technology to this market," said Fractal Edge CEO Richard Laughton.

APARIQ’s clients include NASA, the U.S. Department of Defense, the National Institutes of Health and State Agencies as well as commercial companies. Its mission is to bring decision clarity through intelligent, reliable, well-integrated processes that support visualization, analysis and communication of information and knowledge.

"We are delighted to partner with Fractal Edge to provide integrated solutions with this elegant approach to improve decision maker cognition, risk mitigation and decision support for key clients in the government sector and beyond," said APARIQ’s founder and CEO Gil Lucas. "Fractal Edge techniques are way ahead of the pack when it comes to the visualization of large quantities of data. As the world moves to smaller mobile devices, no other visualization map technique compares."

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