AtosEuronext and the Montreal Stock Exchange Celebrate the First Anniversary of the Boston Options Exchange

Paris, 7 February 2005 - AtosEuronext and the Montreal Stock Exchange are celebrating the first anniversary of the Boston Options Exchange (BOX), in which these two organizations are playing an important role.

BOX, the newest financial exchange to trade options on American stocks, was founded in 2002 by the Boston Stock Exchange, Interactive Brokers, and the Montreal Stock Exchange. Since trading on BOX began in February 2004, BOX has been acquiring an increasing share in the trading of options on stocks, partially because of its market model and its NSC trading technology, which BOX is the only options exchange on the American market to use. At the end of its first year of activity, BOX has acquired more than 5 % of the American market for the stock option classes that it trades.

"The Montreal Stock Exchange is proud to be a partner in the success of BOX," states Luc Bertrand, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Montreal Stock Exchange and BOX Vice Chairman. "We have found that the technology provided by AtosEuronext and the Montreal Stock Exchange, and the technical operations services provided daily by the Exchange team have met the challenge of the American market."

"The close relationship between the Montreal Stock Exchange and AtosEuronext in providing the NSC electronic trading system for Montreal in 2000 enabled us to adapt the system to the specific needs of the North American markets and to provide this expertise to BOX," states Dominique Brutin, Chairman of AtosEuronext. "The result of our collaboration has produced the best technology in terms of operations that exists for the options market, and this will continue to contribute to the strong positioning of BOX, which is a significant player in the future of the American and international options market."

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