TheMuniCenter Releases Customizable Trade Ticker

Patent pending design allows users to filter MSRB feed for relevant trade content

TheMuniCenter ("TMC"), a leading electronic bond trading platform, today announced the release of its new "Montage" page, which now incorporates real-time trades from the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board’s ("MSRB") price dissemination feed. With its unique patent pending design for Trade Matching, TMC now associates every reported trade with all matching offerings, bids, and bids wanted displayed on the site. Users can utilize Advance Search functionality to filter trade content so that only market information relevant to a particular user’s sector is displayed. With approximately 30,000 trades per day being reported, TMC expects 25% of the trades to be associated with its marketplace.

The Montage page is a screen designed to give TMC users a live view of new offerings entering the market, new Bids Wanted posted to the market, and all trades being posted to the market via the MSRB feed. Users can filter live trade content, both from TMC’s live trading site and the MSRB feed, so that only trades that are relevant to the user appear on the screen. With the "Trade Match" functionality, users can instantly click on and trade matching positions posted in TMC’s live marketplace.

"We have created a screen that delivers an unprecedented amount of information to the trader’s desktop" said Tom Vales, CEO of TheMuniCenter. "We can deliver every trade post in the market and associate it with every offering and bid outstanding. Our users have a speed of execution not available anywhere else. The customer only has to define what part of the market they want to see, and we provide them with the activity, both in terms of trades and live markets, as broadly or as narrowly as they choose."

Users set their "montage filters" when they log into the site, and they then see corresponding markets and trades scroll along the Montage page. Saved filters can be edited at any time, giving traders the ability to broaden or narrow their market views as conditions dictate.

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