IRA Corporate Monitor Adds Reformulated Statement Analysis

February 3, 2005

Users of the IRA Corporate Monitor now have access to reformulated statement metrics for US EDGAR filers. Reformulation is a technique that strips out extraneous elements to improve illustration of an aspect of a subject's behavior. IRA's reformulation enables comparing continuing operations performance versus market analysis figures that contain the effects of extraordinary events. These sometimes obscure the underlying operating company.

Debate within the industry regarding the "perception of volatility created by extraordinary items" raises the need for a systematic approach that generates granular apples-to-apples numbers. IRA Corporate Monitor answers this need providing output ready for copying into an analyst's spreadsheet for downstream research. The online data appears in seconds saving staff considerable manual data collection, computation and validation time.

The IRA Corporate Monitor is comprehensive analytics & peering engine using structured data from CoreData and WorldVest Base to perform fundamental analysis of US and international companies. IRA Corporate Monitor is in pre-release testing.

Contact IRA to inquire about a trial subscription.

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