Independent Technology Audit labels Fractal:Edge Software "Class-leading"

London, UK – 3rd February 2005 – Leading data visualization specialists Fractal Edge today announced the publication of the Butler Group Independent Technology Audit of the latest release of their software products.

Butler Group is Europe’s Leading IT Analyst Company, respected for the impartiality and incisiveness of its research and used by over 70% of the UK’s top companies. Butler Group’s industry-leading Technology Evaluation and Comparison Reports deliver in-depth technical analysis supported by comprehensive product comparisons and rankings.

Here is a sample of what the Butler Group Independent Technology Audit had to say about Fractal Edge solutions:

Capability & Scope – "The beauty of the Fractal display is the sheer volume of information that can be revealed in a single view. Fractal Edge continues to push the envelopes in terms of data volumes and interface clarity."

Usability – "Users are able to intuitively unearth important trends and relationships…Variances between data values are easily identified and subtle relationships made obvious." And when it comes to configuring your own maps, "The behind the scenes tools are easy to use."

Look & Feel – "The graphical interface is stunning with smooth, animated navigation into, out of and across the data… allowing true real-time visualisation and analysis." And even when the screen size is reduced, "The technology is highly applicable to display data on smaller form-factor devices such as PDAs or smart phones."

In summary, the report concluded: "Fractal Edge has…developed a class-leading interface as a means of aiding the analysis of large volumes of information, and aligned this with a sophisticated toolkit for assembling relevant data. Butler group does not normally get excited about new pieces of software but the Fractal technology is an exception. It is a ‘must see’ with significant opportunities for improving access to information."

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