Infinity Softworks' Calculation Software Launched For Healthcare Professionals

powerOne® Medical provides key medical calculations for doctors, nurses, clinical pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals.

Beaverton, OR -- February 15, 2005 -- Infinity Softworks today announced healthcare support for its popular powerOne® line of calculation software. powerOne Medical is the latest in on-demand, cross-platform calculation software from the company. This software is available as a stand-alone calculator or as an add-on pack for powerOne Finance, powerOne Graph and powerOne Personal+.

The new software includes templates designed by William Buss, Pharm.D, a clinical pharmacist at Clarian Health Partners. He had searched for a medical calculator that would free his time for patient care rather than spending time programming it. After trying powerOne software and writing his own templates, he found that the powerOne engine allowed him do that very easily. William told us, "The equations I use every day are now just one or two screen taps away. The time it takes me to work up pharmacokinetics and drip rate calculations is cut in half." This is a key benefit of the powerOne user experience: more time becomes available for patient and client relationships.

"The healthcare industry has been on the leading edge of handheld usage," said Elia Freedman, CEO of Infinity Softworks. "We are providing a calculator that changes the way medical professionals think of a calculation tool. Now the adjectives they use are ubiquitous, flexible, powerful and easy-to-use."

Infinity Softworks has made complicated math easier and more accessible to everyone with a handheld or Windows computer. Also included are general mathematics, business and calendar calculations. It is also possible to customize the software. With powerOne Finance or powerOne Graph, users can write their own calculations, as well as choose from over 100 additional calculation templates that can be seamlessly added.

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