“Chip&SIM”, the hassle free Chip and PIN solution from Thyron Systems, now achieves full accreditation with a total of 4 major UK acquiring Banks

London, U.K, 18th February 2005

"Chip&SIM", the easy, hassle free, Chip and PIN solution from Thyron Systems has now received full accreditation from a total of four UK acquiring Bank.

To date, Barclays Business, RBoS/Streamline, euroConex (Alliance and Leicester) and now HSBC have all tested and accredited the "Chip&SIM" hardware and software for use in a number of easy to deliver and flexible Chip and PIN scenarios.

At the heart of the "Chip&SIM" solution lies Thyron’s PayCell® MPT500 payment terminal. The application in the terminal provides all of the Chip and PIN approved credit and debit card software functionality. The transactions are delivered over fast wireless networks including GPRS and Paknet, thereby performing immediate card authorisations and settlements.

The strength of the "Chip&SIM" offering is that it can be deployed in a number of configurations both in a stand-alone mode, or connected to an extensive range of EPOS tills to provide an integrated EFT solution.

The wire-free nature of the "Chip&SIM" solution results in almost zero cost of implementation, with little of no infrastructure changes, network or wiring. This permits easy deployment into any point of sale area.

Despite the January 2005 fraud liability window now having passed there are still a large number of retailers and hospitality businesses that have still made no move to adopting Chip and PIN solutions. Some have opted for non-integrated stand-alone terminals and are looking again at more integrated solutions.

Since "Chip&SIM" is fully accredited with a large number of acquiring Banks any businesses that are looking at quick, easy, yet functional Chip and PIN solutions, should consider the cost and operational benefits that "Chip&SIM" can bring.

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