Migrate to Chip and PIN at the Speed of SmartCCARD Lite

17 February 2005

Comms XL, the transaction & data processing specialists, is launching SmartCCARD Lite, a fully accredited software based Chip and PIN solution designed to provide users with an ‘off the shelf’, fully scaleable solution for all customer present environments.

SmartCCARD Lite is an all inclusive Chip and PIN solution that allows merchants to be up and running quickly without the hassle of approval and third party integration. This means the merchant does not have to go through any approval at all, as it has already been done. SmartCCARD Lite is a true ‘plug in and play’ solution.

The 2005 deadline has arrived and unless merchants commit to a Chip and PIN migration plan now, the costs in card fraud could increase substantially. However, due to the various industry standards that have to be met, approval could be extremely time consuming so that’s where a proper pre-approved solution such as SmartCCARD Lite comes into play. It’s hassle free and simple to use, just install the system and you’re up and running, Chip and PIN enabled for 2005.

Comms XL has joined forces with Dione, one of the leading terminal providers in the UK, to utilise its range of Chip and PIN devices, including the Xtreme PIN Pad, the Xpress "swipe & park" card reader and the Xplorer™ mobile payment terminal. By doing this, together they provide users with an ‘off the shelf’, cost-effective proven solution.

"Retailers who left it too late to beat the liability shift deadline have an opportunity to select a proven, pre-certified solution", commented Andrew Dark, Chief Operating Officer at Dione. "At a time when demand on resources has been at an all time high, proven solutions are of considerable benefit to the industry", continued Dark

SmartCCARD Lite consists of a data entry screen, which resides in the foreground or invisible mode on the operators PC. This communicates through to a dedicated or shared Dione device across either a serial port or Ethernet based connection. Authorisation and payment file fulfilment to the acquiring bank takes place through either the SmartCCARD Lite server residing on the merchant’s network or over a secure link to Comms XL’s Secure CXL payment service.

Denise Hall, Managing Director of Comms XL comments, "We are incredibly proud of SmartCCARD Lite. Not only is it reliable and affordable, but it’s very intuitive so it will be as stress free as possible when it comes to staff training. We see a pre-certified system, such as SmartCCARD Lite as the only option for merchants who have not already committed to a Chip and PIN solution. The deadline has passed and the approval stages are rigorous, so SmartCCARD Lite seems the obvious solution to tackle the bottle neck that is inevitable throughout this year."

Denise continues, "We see SmartCCARD Lite being ideal for two types of merchants. Those who want a complete solution that is scaleable, functional and simple to deploy, and those who need an interim solution to meet their deadlines, before they integrate Chip and PIN into their existing third party applications at a later date."

Denise concludes, "We are all aware how Chip and PIN will revolutionise transaction and data processing, however the prospect of migrating can be daunting for some, if not most merchants, and that’s why we felt the need to develop SmartCCARD Lite. It will take all the worry out of changing systems and relieve the pressure throughout 2005."

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