VanguardMS Introduces Enhanced Network Performance Management Service

Improved Ease-of-Use and More Flexible Reporting Now Possible with Acquisition of New VitalSuite® Tool from Lucent

Mansfield, Mass., August 8, 2005 – Vanguard Managed Solutions (VanguardMS) today introduced a new and enhanced Performance Management service, Performance Tracker, designed to assist businesses to more easily monitor and manage, in real time, their network utilization, bandwidth, and other performance issues. VanguardMS launched the enhanced offering, which is part of its suite of Careguard Managed Services, to simplify LAN and WAN performance management activities for companies utilizing newer IP VPN broadband services or more traditional Frame Relay networks comprising multiple telecommunications carriers and devices from multiple manufacturers.

VanguardMS acquired Lucent Technologies’ VitalSuite® Performance Management Software to provide the foundation for the new VanguardMS offering. VitalSuite integrates multiple components and capabilities to keep enterprise networks, applications and business processes working together effectively. Using this new tool, VanguardMS from its centrally located Network Operations Center (NOC) can provide customers access to a portal to enable them to monitor, measure and generate reports on carrier business services across multiservice, multivendor networks.

According to Mike Connors, Senior Vice President of Operations, "Performance Tracker permits VanguardMS customers to monitor and analyze their network traffic and bandwidth along with health of the network infrastructure devices to gauge their efficiency on an ongoing basis," he said. "This expanded ability to do a deeper level of performance measurement supports capacity planning efforts and helps businesses with remote locations determine if their network is over- or under-utilized, a key step in controlling costs and ensuring overall performance. The growth of networked applications taxes the available bandwidth and our clients need a way to understand how that bandwidth is being used so they can ensure the most critical applications are not adversely affected by lower-priority activities. As the adage goes, you can’t manage it if you don’t measure it."

Performance Tracker Features

VanguardMS Performance Management provides:

• The ability to monitor overall network performance through a high-level, customizable portal that contains multiple performance attributes (such as device level details and WAN/LAN utilization). The portal is organized in an at-a-glance format that provides an easy-to-use approach for managing network performance challenges.
• A high degree of flexibility in reporting performance attributes, including: the ability to provide customized reports that monitor a broad array of manufacturers’ devices. Clients can tailor the reporting periods, to best suit their organization’s needs.
• Up-to-the minute monitoring capabilities that include real-time drill-down queries on network and device utilization.
• The ability to monitor circuit reliability and faults/errors, ensuring more efficient network utilization.
• A portal feature that permits multiple user access to status and reporting, allowing individual business units to take over responsibility for key applications.

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