Security Innovation Advises Microsoft on Application Security Issues

Chief Scientist Dr. Herbert Thompson Discusses Ways to Improve Best Practices
For Application Security with Bill Gates and other Microsoft Leaders

WILMINGTON, Mass.——In an effort to continually improve the development, reliability and security of applications, Bill Gates and other Microsoft leaders met with Chief Security Strategist Dr. Herbert Thompson of Security Innovation to discuss the security performance of Microsoft products and industry-wide initiatives for application security benchmarking. Security Innovation, the independent industry leader in application security testing, research and training, has been working with Microsoft to test the security of a series of Microsoft products using a rigorous, role-based methodology.

"Microsoft understands the importance of application security and the pressing need for technology executives at all levels to be aware of security on every platform," said Ed Adams, CEO of Security Innovation. "This briefing underscores the value that independent, repeatable assessment methodologies, such as ours, brings to major application vendors and the consumers of their products. Application security is the definitive quality assurance issue, which is why top software companies around the world are committing resources to new research and comprehensive testing and training."

Security Innovation will continue to work with Microsoft on software and reliability research projects. In addition, the Company will be conducting extensive training programs for the Microsoft development teams. These training programs will be centered around the development techniques spelled out in the landmark book titled, How to Break Software Security, co-authored by Dr. Thompson and Security Innovation Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Dr. James Whittaker.

"Security is not an add-on feature. Offering fundamentally more secure software has become a competitive advantage to software vendors and corporations as customers demand and deserve secure, reliable software," said Dr. Herbert Thompson. "Microsoft clearly shows a commitment to delivering secure software to their customers. Developing training, testing and research around application security moves them further along in their goal and is evidence of this commitment. This level of dedication gives Microsoft the opportunity to assume a leadership role in building security into the overall software development and quality assurance process and helps to greatly reduce customer computing risk."

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