CenterSpace Software Launches Function Optimization Library for .NET

Corvallis, OR, August 4, 2005 CenterSpace Software, a leading provider of
enterprise class numerical component libraries for the .NET platform, today
announced the release of NMath Analysis. NMath Analysis is part of
CenterSpace Software's NMath product suite, which provides object-oriented
components for mathematical, engineering, scientific, and financial
applications on the .NET platform.

"NMath Analysis provides functions and data structures for function optimization, including minimization of univariate and multivariate functions, simulated annealing, linear programming using the simplex method, least squares polynomial fitting, root finding, and double integration," stated Trevor Misfeldt, CEO.

Fully compliant with the Microsoft Common Language Specification, all NMath
Analysis routines are callable from any .NET language, including C#, Visual
Basic.NET, and Managed C++.

A free 30-day evaluation version of NMath Analysis is available for download
from the CenterSpace website, along with complete user documentation, performance benchmarks, a whitepaper, and code examples.

CenterSpace Software today also announced minor upgrades and performance
enhancements to the NMath Core and NMath Stats libraries, and a price
reduction for NMath Core, the foundational library in the NMath suite. The
price of the complete NMath Suite remains unchanged, but now includes NMath

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