Enables Applications to Quickly Leverage New Multi-core, 64-bit, Cluster and
Grid Environments

INTEL DEVELOPERS’ FORUM – San Francisco (August 23, 2005) — ASPEED Software
Corporation today announced the availability of ACCELLERANT 3.3, the first
application software solution to quickly enable existing high-performance
computing applications to leverage the benefits of distributed parallel
computing without having to re-engineer the application. The software
provides a cost-effective path to significantly improve the
time-to-decisions, handling exponentially higher volumes and providing more
precise results by enabling more fine-grained analysis.

ASPEED’s ACCELLERANT software sets a new threshold for unleashing the
performance potential of distributed and parallel computing without the need
to restructure, rewrite or redesign applications’ underlying code and
algorithms. It introduces full 64-bit support and features Intel
optimization to ensure the user gets the optimum performance and efficiency
from Intel’s most powerful processor lines: Pentium®, Xeon ™ and Itanium® 2.
Using ACCELLERANT 3.3, users can quickly leverage the multi-tasking benefits
of these architectures without changing the business logic. Equally
important, once the application has been ACCELLERATED it can seamlessly and
transparently expand to exploit Intel capacity in cluster and grid

ASPEED Software is demonstrating the ACCELLERANT 3.3 capabilities at the
Intel Developers Forum at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco, this
week. The solution is being showcased in two zones in the Technology
Communities pavilion: the Multi-Core Community/High Performance Cluster,
spotlighting technical developments in multi-core platform delivery and the
Digital Enterprise Experience Zone, where platforms and technologies
integrated with 3rd-party services operate in a simulated corporate

"Companies can now exploit new multi-core, cluster and grid capabilities –
without touching the underlying algorithms that are core to critical
business decisions," said Kurt Ziegler, executive vice president for
development at ASPEED, based in New York. "This new version of ACCELLERANT
offers an expeditious path to gain competitive edge, reduce time to market
and eliminate the hurdles associated with leveraging the most powerful Linux
and Windows processors on the market."

ACCELLERANT automatically manages how the application is processed to take
full advantage of the available capacity. It closely monitors the
application progress in real-time with a sophisticated expeditor that
adaptively proportions or re-distributes iteration ranges and data to ensure
the shortest possible completion time transparently to the application.

In addition to Intel optimization and 64-bit support ACCELLERANT 3.3

· enhanced real-time workload distribution dynamics
· acceleration of the transparent intra-nodal object and data movement, the
primary challenge to parallel distribution
· transparent stall and fault tolerance including the ability to add
additional capacity dynamically

ACCELLERANT 3.3 also seamlessly expands and accelerates an organization’s
ability to migrate applications to grid infrastructures such as those
provided by Altair, DataSynapse, Platform and United Devices by offering
rapid adoption for even the most time-sensitive and complex applications.

The solution is available directly from ASPEED Software and its industry and
regional business partners worldwide. Pricing information is available upon

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