The Paradigm Shift in Asset Management has Arrived with Sunflower Assets 3.8

SAN RAMON, Calif., WASHINGTON (June 7, 2005) –Sunflower Systems™, the company that has redefined lifecycle asset management as a strategic imperative, today announced the immediate availability of Sunflower Assets™ 3.8, the latest version of its Lifecycle Asset Management solution . Sunflower Assets 3.8 is the only asset management solution on the market today that enables the single version of the truth for tactical operations as well as an asset-centric view of the entire enterprise for strategic purposes. By providing a holistic and contextual view of every enterprise asset throughout its lifecycle, Sunflower Assets 3.8 significantly improves asset management processes and internal controls across all departments and previously siloed systems.

"We have experienced tremendous demand from organizations – in the public and private sector - who are adopting this asset management paradigm shift," commented Robert Kaehler, vice president and general manager, Sunflower Systems. "Asset Management - and more specifically - Lifecycle Asset Management has emerged as a strategic objective containing measurable impacts on financial performance rather than being just a tactical inventory of what assets an enterprise possesses."

Kaehler continued, "But the unprecedented demand of this paradigm shift – reports expect a 150% increase in revenue from 2004/2005 calendar year – is tempered with our consistent goal of placing our customer needs above our own. We opted to put our customers requirements ahead of originally planned release cycles so that we can provide them with the level of service that Sunflower Systems is well-known to deliver."

Increasingly, enterprises are choosing Sunflower Assets - the company’s flagship product - to improve asset management processes and tighten fiscal accountability with next generation processes and technologies such as RFID, mobile computing, Web services and a Service-Oriented architecture.

"Organizations are choosing Sunflower Assets for more than just technology," commented Maria Miller , director of marketing, Sunflower Systems. "Sunflower Assets provides them with the processes that are critical to the rising composite and mobile enterprise."

One such organization is the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). With Sunflower Assets, TSA has achieved seamless composite integration using real-time and open standards-based applications, a service-oriented architecture, and mobile applications for field operations. Sunflower Assets eliminates data redundancy that pervades multiple systems and siloed processes. By automating formerly manual asset management processes and financial reconciliations, TSA now benefits from an enterprise-wide solution with total asset visibility and increased security.

Another is Stanford University . The university implemented Sunflower Assets as part of a much larger campus overhaul of its financial management systems. "Our office’s objective is to offer the university a single repository of data that can be used for capital and sponsor-owned, as well as IT assets," commented Ivonne Bachar , director of property management. Because we are effectively managing all of our assets with Sunflower Assets, rather than several customized applications, we have turned the once administrative burden into a core business process for the university."

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