Separating Skill from Style, and Luck, is now possible

Getting the Benchmark Right Overcomes Previous Obstacles to Accurate Assessments

SAN CLEMENTE, CA, April 7, 2005 – PPCA, Inc. a leading provider of technology based analytical products to investors and their consultants today announced significant enhancements to their StokTrib performance attribution software product. Investment professionals worldwide utilize the system for holdings-based style analysis and performance attribution.

According to Andre Kamber, Dana Investment Advisors, Milwaukee, "What StokTrib does is to allow us to drill down past what style is in favor or not, proving to consultants and clients that there is skill in the management of the portfolio; where the skill is derived from; and if it is persistent over time."

The latest enhancements include refinements and additions to the client interfaces, reporting, and help functions. For example, multiple managers are now plotted on point-in-time style maps, and holdings can be imported in a variety of formats, some with point-and-click ease.

Ron Surz, PPCA President stated, "These enhancements like most others we have added originated within our clientbase. The customers we have using this product are smart and demanding which makes for a rewarding experience when you deliver what they want. We are pleased with how the system has evolved."

Introduced in 2001, StokTrib provides holdings-based style analysis and performance attribution. Style analysis identifies the composition of the portfolio as a blend of value-growth and large-small stocks, in a manner similar to the traditional breakout by economic sector, such as technology and utilities. Performance attribution determines the reasons that performance is good or bad, and is the next step beyond performance evaluation and returns-based style analysis.

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