Avanquest UK Commissions Independent Survey on Text Messaging Which Concludes 'Text is the Next Big Thing'

Avanquest UK recently commissioned an independent survey on text messaging within the legal profession, which asked 800 IT Managers and Partners how they were embracing SMS technology. It concluded that 52% of those surveyed would be looking at server-based text messaging solutions to enhance communications in the future.

Developed by Avanquest UK, Text Message Server ( TMS) is specifically aimed at the server based market to offer desktop users the benefit of this most popular communication tool. Many people can still only pick up email messages from home or office, but we are never without our mobile phones. It is estimated that most people spend 60% of the working day away from their desks so text has become an obvious way for business users to keep in touch.

In the simplest form, text messaging is ideally suited to any organisation that needs to contact staff quickly and simply, for example, when a network is down or as an instruction to a mobile workforce. However, in the legal sector SMS is becoming a client-facing technology with the survey reporting that in 62% of Legal firms, staff are using text messages to communicate with each other for business purposes and 31% text clients.

However, it seems that despite the growing usage of text, few firms have control over text or immediate plans to address it. Just over 8% had configured their IT systems to automatically send SMS text messages, despite the advantages of integrating SMS into workflow processes. Text message notification has been used as a service to clients by law firms dealing with bulk remortgaging, personal injury and other routine work for several years. With 31% of text traffic being sent to clients, firms need to address how they would go back and examine an archive of SMS communication should the need arise.

With 76% of those surveyed saying that compliance is a big issue for them and 81% stating that their firm’s IT department was involved with the implementation of projects to ensure statutory and regulatory compliance, text messaging can not be overlooked and is a potential ‘hole’ in many organisations. All forms of communication need to be addressed to comply with data retention regulation legislation and the Freedom of Information Act to complete any organisation’s compliance policy.

Chris Thompson, Managing Director, Avanquest comments "The Avanquest Consultancy Team helps clients to identify their business pain, providing mechanisms that will make their business more efficient and competitive. Designing, implementing and supporting solutions that make internal and external processes more streamlined and meaningful for them and/or their own customers." He goes onto say "Text Message Server has been developed by Avanquest UK over the past 5 years, and is now a true enterprise SMS solution. Rather than just being a stand-alone product, this is a true messaging 'solution', integrating seamlessly with email, CRM and back-end software and services, to provide a fast and cost-effective communications platform. It is just a matter of time before every business network is SMS enabled. Organisations that have embraced this technology are already reaping the benefits of enhanced information flow with both staff and customers."

Text Message Server V5 features:

Advanced personal text to email - Unique inbound SMS address for each user
Delivery receipt to mobile phones
API tool kit
TMS database integration module
Company intranet template ASP page

TMS delivers information in close to real time directly to the recipient, who has the ability to reply directly back to the desktop, speeding up the business process and giving businesses a truly competitive edge.

With a choice of two way GSM Modem or IP delivery, SMS messages can be replied to and be delivered directly into the recipient’s inbox, a shared default inbox, an email inbox or re-routed to a mobile phone. If there is an existing SMTP email system there is no need to deploy additional software at the workstation. Text Message Server supports all SMTP email with domain forwarding, which allows SMS messages to be sent from an email client, such as MS Outlook, Lotus or GroupWise, just as you would send a normal email.

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