UniCredit Banca chooses Diebold solution

Italian bank opts for nearly 400 Opteva® units, Agilis Power® software, security products

(LONDON) - Italy’s leading banking group has refreshed its self-service network with Diebold’s Opteva® automated teller machines (ATMs), Agilis Power® software toolkit and Night Drop Depository. The multifunctional products provide the bank with a broad financial self-service and ATM security solution.

UniCredit Banca upgraded its network with 377 of Diebold’s Opteva ATMs, which are powered by Agilis®. Nearly 100 of those units will include Diebold’s Night Drop Depository. Half of the new units are already installed and are operational at bank branches across Italy.

The sale to UniCredit Banca includes the Opteva through-the-wall, walk-up cash dispenser, which was designed for high performance, maximum security, reliability and serviceability. To date, more than 25,000 Opteva ATMs - now including seven different units - have been purchased by some of the world’s leading financial institutions.

UniCredit Banca’s Opteva terminals are powered by Diebold’s Agilis Power software toolkit, part of Diebold’s Agilis family of ATM software. Agilis is an open, cross-vendor software platform that allows multiple vendors’ terminals and their respective technologies to co-exist. Agilis Power is a toolkit that software engineers can use to develop custom applications. The flexibility of the Agilis platform enabled Diebold to meet UniCredit’s specific and individual needs.

Opteva is the most secure ATM in the industry. Security features include consumer awareness mirrors, cameras, recessed keyboards and displays. To combat fraud, Opteva ATMs are equipped with fraud-resistant dispensers, card readers and encrypted PIN pads, and are compliant with EuropayMasterCardVisa (EMV) standards. The Opteva ATMs also include accessibility features for disabled users, luminous indicators in various colours and large LCD screens that offer room for both advertising and transaction information.

To further enhance customer convenience and security, UniCredit Banca opted to include Diebold’s Night Drop Depository (NDD) self-service security product with 100 of its new Opteva units. The depositories, designed specifically to meet the needs of financial institutions in Italy, enable customers to make secure, end-of-the-day business deposits outside of the bank’s normal operating hours. When integrated with the ATM, NDD allows the customer to use an ATM card to process a deposit. The ATM-NDD software interface provides the customer with a confirmation of the deposit and a receipt for the transaction.

"Thanks to Diebold’s Opteva and Agilis, UniCredit Banca will have the ability to provide new, innovative services at the ATM, and the bank will be able to provide these services more rapidly, securely and efficiently," said Danilo Rivalta, managing director for Diebold Italy. "As a company with a history of leadership in providing self-service and security solutions, Diebold is proud to deliver these solutions to UniCredit Banca."

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