Key integration component of webMethods Fabric™ manages and optimizes The Lapeyre Group’s corporate data and business processes

London, United Kingdom – April 27, 2005 – webMethods, Inc. (Nasdaq: WEBM), a leading business integration software company, today announced that The Lapeyre Group has implemented the webMethods Enterprise Services Platform, a key component of the webMethods Fabric business integration product suite, as a core element of its IT restructuring plan. A leading home improvement company, The Lapeyre Group has embarked on a corporate-wide programme to better unify the data and business processes throughout its network of stores and suppliers, in order to improve customer service quality and reduce costs.

"The challenge we faced was how best to integrate all of our business processes," said Laurent Rousset, technology and international manager, IT, The Lapeyre Group. "In order to remain competitive and productive, we needed a solution that would organise and manage our information infrastructure in such a way that the information could be easily transferred, shared and utilised between our headquarters, our regional stores and our suppliers. The webMethods integration platform is ideally suited to solve such a complex problem and works well with our existing systems."

The webMethods Enterprise Services Platform serves as the framework of the new optimisation program. The implementation has enabled The Lapeyre Group to easily identify any anomalies connected with factory non-compliance forms (FNCUs). Vital to the company’s success, these forms verify the accuracy of store inventory and customer product orders. The webMethods Enterprise Services Platform enables the company to correct the anomalies as soon as they appear, thereby improving the quality of its customer service.

"A key challenge for us was how best to manage the flow of FNCUs. We needed a software platform that can manage and optimise the operation and to help us establish better business processes that can fully utilise the information contained in these forms," said Rousset.

The project also resulted in the definition of a comprehensive implementation process, from the definition of the technical and business process flow through to the start of production, involving both business contract management and IT project management personnel. The application of this implementation process resulted in more effective control of implementation costs and reduced deployment time.

The webMethods Enterprise Services Platform was selected by The Lapeyre Group after a seven month evaluation period. The webMethods product was selected because it is standards-compliant, offers a unified solution that doesn’t require manual coding to implement and has rapid deployment capabilities.

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