SunGard Launches FAME Exchange Traded Funds Data Offering

FAME Provides Enriched Current-Day and Historical ETF Data

New York, NY – April 25, 2005 – SunGard (NYSE:SDS) announced today that it has added The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation’s (DTCC) U.S. and international Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) data to its FAME Time Series Database, a high-volume data platform used worldwide by financial, energy and public sector institutions. FAME now provides enriched current-day and historical information on ETFs to help meet the information needs of financial institutions participating in the growing ETF market.

On a nightly basis, sponsors of ETFs report net asset value and component information on these instruments to the DTCC’s subsidiary, National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC). FAME collects this information from NSCC, then enhances the cleansed data with additional information and maintains it in a historical database, enabling users to track the composition of the ETFs as far back as February 2004. Examples of FAME’s data enhancements include supplying specific reasons for changes in component shares and weights, as well as historical details on changes to CUSIP numbers.

"Following exchange traded funds has become a crucial function for all serious money managers that need to increase investment opportunities while minimizing risk and expense," said Janet Crowley, executive vice president of SunGard’s FAME finance and market data services unit. "FAME now covers the ETF universe, with enhanced, high-quality data provided on a current-day basis without delays. FAME’s enriched ETF data demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing value-added information to our customers."

ETFs are index-based, transparent investment products that allow investors to buy or sell shares of entire portfolios of stock in a single security. They provide a lower expense ratio in comparison to mutual funds, tax efficiencies for holders, and timesavings in managing portfolios. ETFs also allow investors to trade international stocks without having to make direct investments in individual securities. In addition, ETFs are increasingly used by mutual funds to invest excess cash, as well as by investors to hedge against existing portfolios.

FAME’s coverage includes over 110 U.S. equity and fixed income ETFs, and 35 international ETFs. For each ETF, FAME provides data on both the aggregate ETF level and the individual constituent level. Aggregate ETF-level data includes fund cash positions and fund net asset values, while constituent-level data includes shares of each issue within an ETF and corporate action history.

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