Indices Isolate Sub-sector Rotation Opportunities and Investment Risks Not Identified by Other Classification Systems

New York, April 26, 2005 – Revere Data, LLC, a fast-growing provider of independent research data and investment analytics, today announced the Revere Leaders & Laggards Report. The new Report spotlights highly granular sub-sectors whose performance diverges significantly from the larger sectors and industries they’re typically rolled into.

The Leaders & Laggards Report is designed to generate ideas for trading and investment opportunities and to highlight risks at the sub-sector level. It draws on more than 1,200 proprietary Revere Indices, which Revere calculates based on its exceptionally detailed, product-based classification system. The Report is available on Revere’s website.

"Revere is unique in its ability to illuminate sub-sector movements that fall below the radar of other classification systems," noted Brian Hill, Director of Research for Revere. "Our customers are applying that ability in a variety of ways, including statistical arbitrage, black box trading and program trading, risk analysis, and creation of custom stock baskets, ETFs, and indices."

The Report lists ten sub-sectors that were Leaders and ten that were Laggards for the past one month and one year. The initial Report features additional detail on two sub-sectors:

- Human Resources ERP Software, which outperformed its parent sector Enterprise Resource Planning Software by 44.8% over the past year

- Discount Stores, which underperformed its parent sector General Merchandise Stores by 8.6% over the past month

"While the explosive growth of algorithmic trading is rapidly transforming the order execution marketplace, Revere is focusing farther upstream, on data and analytics to support algorithmic research," said Glen Wolyner, Chief Executive Officer of Revere. "This Report showcases how Revere helps customers generate ideas by providing ‘smart data’ on company classification, products, and relationships that customers can apply to their own trading and investment strategies."

Revere’s exclusive content on product and industry classification and on key business relationships is available both in datafeeds and in Revere’s own applications. Revere’s customers include sellside agency and proprietary traders, buyside traders, hedge fund managers, portfolio managers, equity analysts, and other professionals at leading financial institutions, along with competitive intelligence, business development, and strategy specialists at major corporations.

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