Callcredit and Quova add geolocation to online credit referencing

Callcredit and Quova partner to protect UK retailers and banks from eCommerce fraud Quova’s GeoPoint geolocation service added to Callcredit’s anti-fraud ID verification solution

LONDON, UK. – April 21, 2005 – Quova, Inc., the world’s leading provider and developer of web geography services and technologies, and Callcredit, the innovative web-based UK consumer credit referencing agency, today announced a partnership to add Quova’s GeoPoint geolocation service to Callcredit’s identity verification solution, CallID. The partnership will allow Callcredit’s clients, including online retailers and banks, a critical extra level of authentication by verifying the real-world location of online customers.

Quova’s GeoPoint software will be deployed on Callcredit’s web services and provide real-time geolocation information for web-based business applications. By comparing potential customers’ provided postal address or registration address with the physical location generated by GeoPoint, online retailers and banks can flag potentially fraudulent transactions in time to assess or block them before completion, whilst accurately authorising legitimate customers. As part of Callcredit’s identity verification and anti-fraud suite, Quova’s IP lookup data allows Callcredit to offer customers safer online order and banking processes. Callcredit is the first European credit reference agency to provide this valuable credit fraud prevention tool to the market.

Graham Lund, Product Director, Callcredit, commented, "Quova’s GeoPoint dataset is key to enabling retailers, lenders and supply chain partners to better understand their customers and to take a risk based approach to tackling fraud. Callcredit has always been committed to seeking out and bringing innovative new datasets to its customers. This partnership with Quova will enable us to offer a powerful and unique service to the UK market which will help guard against the huge losses faced by the industry each year as a result of fraud."

Quova’s GeoPoint service has proven to be an accurate and effective first-line defense in determining the validity of online transactions and applications by identifying patterns of suspicious behavior in website visitors.

Steve Sawyer, Business Development Manager, Quova, commented, "It is essential that retailers are equipped to respond to one of the world’s fastest growing businesses, online fraud. Quova’s partnership not only demonstrates Callcredit’s commitment to improving and strengthening its services for customers but also highlights the growing prominence and effectiveness of geolocation as a tool for combating online fraud."

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