April 19, 2005 - Premiere Global Services (formerly Xpedite), which enables businesses to communicate by email, SMS, voice and fax, has made it even easier to send e-messages to contacts with its new Corporate Messaging Centre (CMC).

Simon Bushell, General Manager, Premiere Global Services UK explained: "CMC is an add on to our Campaign Management tool allowing users to send dynamic email messages without actually having to access Campaign Management or have any in-depth understanding of how the technology works.

"It is the ideal tool for staff who might not have time to learn how to use the full CM interface or who only use it sparingly: Sales reps can create personalised messages after a sales pitch; marketing professionals can follow-up requests for information in line with corporate branding; call centres can send out surveys."

Premiere Global Services’ CMC messaging solution offers a powerful and efficient way to contact thousands of people in the time it takes to place just one telephone call. A user simply has to log onto the CMC with their username and password then pick the message template they want to follow. Once a message has been sent, users can access basic statistics about each sent message to keep track of progress.

The organisation’s Campaign Management domain administrator is responsible for setting up and managing the CMC interface, adding and removing users, creating new templates and inputting new contacts. "Because CMC is so easy to use," continued Simon Bushell, "only the administrator needs to be trained. The other users can use the interface without any prior knowledge of Campaign Management."

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