ICC Plan Solutions Announces New Participant Statement Offering

Latest Announcement Driven by Customers Looking for Reasonable Alternatives

(Charlotte, NC) ICC decides it is time to make a statement. Actually, two statements and they are 35 to 45% less than what other vendors charge. ICC Plan Solutions today announced the availability to produce and distribute quarterly participant statements. The target markets are firms using other statement vendors as well as do-it-yourselfers who previously found outsourcing too expensive.

Doug Hall ICC president stated, "This is a natural addition to our education and enrollment kit products. We don't charge for fund performance data and we pass our substantial postage savings on to the customer. By leveraging digital print-on-demand technology, high-speed data links, and modern computer processing, we drastically reduce the time and expense required to send statements."

Two statements are available for use or companies can supply a PDF file of their own statements which ICC will produce and distribute. ICC has a one page, 2 sided Standard statement or customers can select their Premium 8 page statement.

ICC will offer their statement clients quarterly fund performance data at no additional cost. "All the client needs to do is send us CUSIP or Ticker symbols and we will integrate the fund performance for them," Hall added. In addition, ICC will mail statements pre-sort first class and pass postage discounts on to the customer.

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