New White Paper Evaluates Key Criteria and Underlying Issues

NEW YORK, April 13, 2005 - Financial industry executives facing complex and serious compliance challenges have much needed guidance with the introduction of the informative paper, "Build Versus Buy: What Financial Executives Should Consider in Making a Decision." Published by Mantas, the market leader in enterprise-wide compliance and behavior detection software for the banking and financial services markets, the paper delves into a comprehensive examination of compliance regulation, system requirements, and the key criteria that should be analyzed in advance of system selection.

The new paper is the result of input collected through discussions Mantas has held with experienced business and IT professionals including customers, prospects, analysts and regulators. The paper urges financial executives to consider more than just the cost of technology when making a decision:

"Whether you build or buy, achieving a best practices compliance solution takes time and money. In comparing the costs of each alternative, top business executives consider the costs if one path exposes their firm and senior executives to a greater risk of regulatory failures, substantial fines, and reputational damage. So when choosing a solution, they consider long-term total cost of ownership, efficiency for business users, and regulatory and reputational risks as well as the near-term costs for developing and implementing compliance solutions. "

The paper also examines different approaches to the structure of compliance systems and the weight that institutions place on system architecture and data management. In addition to helping institutions decide whether to build or buy compliance systems, the paper can also be used as a framework for evaluating the approaches and product offerings of multiple vendors.

The paper concludes: "The build versus buy decision may be one of the most important decisions you make. This white paper helps you develop a thorough framework for analyzing the pros and cons, based on the real-world experiences of others who have traveled the same path. Whatever decision you ultimately make, we hope it adds considerable value to your analytical process and increases your confidence that you have covered all the angles and made the right decision for you and your firm."

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