ComStock Launches Adaptor for RMDS

Implements at Major Investment Bank

New York, NY April 12, 2005 -- ComStock, an Interactive Data Company
(NYSE: IDC) and a leading provider of real-time global market data, has announced the availability of a new Adaptor that allows the integration of the company's market datafeed, XpressFeed, into the Reuters Market Data System (RMDS). ComStock developed its XpressFeed Adaptor for RMDS in response to a growing demand from large financial institutions for high-quality diversified data sources, which can be incorporated into middleware platforms used to manage financial content across the enterprise.

The XpressFeed Adaptor for RMDS went live at a major investment bank on February 1, 2005 and is currently undergoing integration testing at a number of other large institutions. The global investment bank declined to be named in accordance with its standard corporate policy.

"The XpressFeed Adaptor for RMDS enables firms to introduce the ComStock datafeed as an alternative source of global real-time data, which can be used in primary, back-up, or dual-primary mode," said Daniel Connell, president, ComStock. "Many of the firms that are coming to us are legitimately concerned about being single-sourced for real-time market data from a business risk and performance risk perspective. The flexibility to have the ComStock datafeed as an alternative source through RMDS gives these firms greater redundancy and reliability, as well as a more robust overall solution."

ComStock developed the XpressFeed Adaptor with assistance from Market Arts, a leader in middleware software development for more than 10 years.
Specific product attributes include:

Seamless Integration: The XpressFeed Adaptor for RMDS seamlessly
integrates with the RMDS system as a managed source connecting to the
RMDS Market Data Hub (MDH). It is fully integrated with the RMDS Data
Access Control System (DACS) and Hawk monitoring. It works equally well
with legacy Triarch systems, at any stage of migration to RMDS, as it
does with standard RMDS systems.

Comprehensive Global Content: The XpressFeed Adaptor for RMDS delivers
all global real-time pricing and fundamental data available on
XpressFeed, including information from more than 350 sources and
exchanges worldwide, covering in excess of 2 million instruments. Data
available includes equities, derivatives, fixed income, foreign
exchange, money markets, commodities, energy, funds and much more.

High Performance: The XpressFeed Adaptor for RMDS is a high performance,
scalable product, capable of publishing more than one million
instruments in real-time, with aggregate throughput of up to 100,000
updates per second. The product is based on proven technology currently
in production with leading financial institutions worldwide.

Operating Systems: Supported Operating systems include Linux Advances
Server 3.0 and Solaris 2.8.

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