Superior Functionality, Exceptional Support, Personal Service Icing on the Cake for Chesapeake Bid

The restaurant business is notorious for the long hours and hard work it takes to make a place successful - and that's just while the doors are open. For most small establishments, the business side of the operation is just getting started for the day when the last customer leaves.

That's why Restaurant Solutions, Inc. says it's in the business of getting restaurant managers home to their friends and families. Now RSI, which specializes in providing corporate-level management and accounting solutions to small chains and "mom-and-pop" eateries, has streamlined its own operation with the installation of Chesapeake System Solutions'(R) Total Reconciliation Solution (T-Recs(R)), a powerful accounting software package that automates the tedious, time-consuming and error-prone process of reconciling accounts by

"The restaurant business is like no other," says RSI's President and CEO Blair Pennington. "You have to rub two nickels together to make a dollar, and most small operations neglect the back office management and accounting. That can create all sorts of workload and financial problems. We assist them by handling every aspect of the back office management and accounting process - Complete payroll, accounts payable, inventory, ordering management and financial
management. Complete back office management in less than 3 hours a week! We've written our own front-end and back-end software to handle all sorts of procedures. But when it came to automating reconciliation, we just decided that this was a totally different type of process and felt we'd best serve our company and our customers if we purchased something we knew was tried and true."

Pennington said T-Recs stood out both for the quality of the product and the attitude of Chesapeake. "This is a serious investment for a self-funded company that's been in a significant growth mode for the last four years," Pennington said. "So we wanted to know that not only would the software meet our needs, but the people who backed the software up would also meet our needs. When you are able to speak with the owner and work with the owner, it's always a huge plus. You just get a good feeling about it."

Chesapeake President Peter Vogelberger says that's a reputation he's proud that his company has built. "In a lot of ways, Chesapeake and RSI are very similar companies," Vogelberger said. "We're both in the business of meeting the unique needs and special demands of our customers in the way that serves them best."

Pennington said that RSI has traditionally done manual reconciliations on a monthly basis. Using T-Recs and Chesapeake's Internet Data Manager (IDM(TM)) - which automatically downloads information from banks that post account information on-line - they will now be able to make that a weekly process, and anticipate a volume of 200 to 300 bank reconciliations a week.

He said he also liked T-Recs' "better user interface and better audit trail" and the fact that specialized scripts can be written by his own IT department. "Overall T-Recs just seemed more maintainable in-house."

"We're not going to miss the days of manual reconciliations," Pennington said. "No more waiting for paper statements or lost hours trying to find and fix exceptions. T-Recs can do all that for us, and our customers can even log into the secure systems to view their accounts. It's like taking a Pinto and moving to Ferrari."

Restaurant Solutions, Inc. is an industry-focused accounting solution for single and multi-unit restaurants. RSI takes payroll, accounts payable, taxes and financial reporting off restaurateurs' plates so they can focus on what they do best - providing an excellent dining experience.

Chesapeake System Solutions, Inc. offers the total end-to-end treasury solution, seamlessly integrating cash management with reconciliation, account analysis and compliance. Chesapeake shares information across all applications, allowing customers to better manage treasury operations. Chesapeake's success evolves from its powerful combination of customer and industry-driven software,
personalized customer support and advanced technology. Chesapeake's single-vendor product and support solution includes SmartTreasury(TM), a modular desktop and web-based treasury workstation,, Total Reconciliation Solution (T-Recs(R)), a comprehensive reconciliation and deposit verification system, Unclaimed Property Compliance System (UPCS(TM)), which automates unclaimed property reporting for all 54 jurisdictions and SmartAnalysis(TM), which helps you quickly confirm your bank is fulfilling its promises by analyzing trends and comparing services across your banks.

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