Infiniflow Utility Datacenter Ecosystem Provides Blueprint for Migration to Enterprise Compute Fabric

Grid specialist Paremus defines the components of the next-generation datacenter

London, UK, 8th November 2004 – Paremus announced the Infiniflow Utility Datacenter Ecosystem™ (UDE), an environment where enterprises can build business applications on a self-healing, dynamically scalable and functionally evolvable compute fabric, providing unprecedented cost, resilience and agility benefits. This ecosystem will combine best-of-breed products from vendors that share this vision, and at the core is Infiniflow – The Enterprise Grid Fabric™ developed by Paremus.

The aim of the Infiniflow Utility Datacenter Ecosystemâ„¢ is to provide a coherent infrastructure that will allow an enterprise to enjoy the full benefits of Infiniflow: autonomic behaviors such as self-healing and self-adaptability, infrastructure virtualization, a robust Spartan Architectureâ„¢, improved agility and scalability, and reduced cost and complexity.

An ecosystem is a dynamic and complex system, together with its environment, that functions as a unit. Elements within the ecosystem benefit from each other's participation via symbiotic relationships, and are well balanced with each other and with their environment. It is a term that originated from biology, and refers to self-sustaining systems.

"The Infiniflow UDEâ„¢ can be considered in the same way," said Dr. Richard Nicholson, CTO, Paremus. "Components from leading vendors are combined to create a coherent datacenter environment that provides utility services to the enterprise."

Much like a natural ecosystem, the Infiniflow UDEâ„¢ can vary in size, addressing the needs of a single application, a department or the whole enterprise. Unlike conventional stove-piped datacenter environments, the introduction of new elements or changes to the environment surrounding the Infiniflow UDEâ„¢ are simple.

"Recognizing that no one company can deliver all the components of a next-generation, utility datacenter, we are forming partnerships with leading vendors and bringing them together in the Infiniflow Utility Datacenter Ecosystem," said Mike Francis, Business Development Manager, Paremus. "As in nature, the Infiniflow UDE is constantly evolving as new products are evaluated and additional vendors are considered as ecosystem partners."

The first in a series of ongoing announcements of partners who have joined the Infiniflow Utility Datacenter Ecosystemâ„¢ will be made in the coming weeks.

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