SunGard's AddVantage Scales Higher Performance Benchmarks -2,000 concurrent on-line users on a 400,000-account single, real-time database-

BIRMINGHAM, AL, October 27, 2004 -- SunGard Asset Management Systems (AMS), an operating group of SunGard, today released the results of a comprehensive benchmark study of its latest version of AddVantage wealth management and trust accounting system. The benchmark simulated 2,000 concurrent on-line users processing 400,000 high net worth accounts on a sustained basis using a single real-time database. The size of this single database provides large institutions ample scale to grow as they expand their customer base through acquisitions. The planning and testing took place over several months and included the efforts of HP, Intel Corporation, InterSystems, Microsoft® and SunGard Asset Management Systems.

"These results are far above the industry usage levels and a great accomplishment for us," said Niraj Gilja, president of SunGard’s AddVantage. "By adding additional servers, at incremental cost, our solution provides on-demand scalability and increased resiliency by eliminating any single point of server failure. Additionally, this architecture provides a near real-time business continuity model, where the entire system is operationally available at an alternate geographic location, thousands of miles apart, within 30 minutes of a disaster. We are extremely pleased with the results of our latest architecture and with the contributions and participation of our valued partners," Gilja continued.

To achieve this higher degree of scalability, AddVantage is engineered to operate completely on the Microsoft® .NET platform, which is optimized for Microsoft Windows 2003 Server. Additionally, AddVantage utilizes Caché, which is InterSystems’ high-performance database technology. Caché enhances the performance and scalability of mission critical applications.

AddVantage uses the combination of Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, and Caché to distribute and balance the workload among multiple HP Proliant application servers, based upon the Intel® Xeon™ processor-MP. This ‘scale-out’ model enables institutions to simply add Intel-based machines when large blocks of accounts are added as a result of growth and acquisitions with minimal impact to capital expenditures.

"With AddVantage we are in perfect alignment to meet the demands for wealth management in the 21st century, and we do so by totally using modern, 21st century technology," said George Myers, group executive vice president, SunGard Asset Management Systems. "With increasing demand for powerful, integrated wealth management services and technologies, AddVantage provides the open architecture required for institutions combining trust, brokerage, investment management, private banking, retirement, and insurance services," Myers continued.

To accomplish these industry-leading results, this benchmark used the production release of AddVantage available today. The benchmark configuration used Microsoft Windows 2003 Enterprise Edition, HP Proliant servers, Intel’s based upon the Intel® Xeon™ processor-MP, and Intersystems’ Caché with Enterprise Cache Protocol.

SunGard’s AddVantage is a 100% real-time, 100% Web-enabled, client-centric wealth management and trust accounting system used by trust, custody, and securities departments of national and regional banks, large- and medium investment management firms, RIAs, and other fiduciaries. Using a Web browser, advisors, portfolio managers and customers have immediate access to real-time account information anytime, anywhere.

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