SunGard Data Management Solutions Announces Enhancements to its FAME and referencePoint Product Suites

New features and performance enhancements to further simplify enterprise Java development and Web Services data distribution

NEW YORK, NY, Nov 22, 2004 — SunGard Data Management Solutions, an operating group of SunGard (NYSE:SDS), announced today the release of two major updates to its data management software: accessPoint 1.5, the Web Services distribution platform that provides open, enterprise access to both FAME and relational data within the referencePoint data management framework; and FAME TimeIQ 2.1, the Java library component of the FAME Time Series Database that facilitates the modeling, manipulation and analysis of high-volume time-series data.

With accessPoint 1.5, users now have the ability not only to query and retrieve data from various containers, but also to output that data in an extended set of formats including HTML, XML, ADO/XML, CSV, FAME TimeIQ Java objects, and Java result sets. accessPoint gives users an enhanced level of time series transformational capabilities that can be performed via the Web (e.g. timescale conversions, missing value detection, logical operators, statistical routines, moving averages, etc.), helping to make it easy for developers to retrieve, analyze and transform data using Web Services without complex programming.

accessPoint 1.5 also provides an extensible framework for creating new modules that can be used to access proprietary, non-standard data types. It allows users to add business rules, intelligence, and unique analytics around data, as well as define data extraction methodologies and specify new output formats.

"This latest accessPoint release establishes it as a solid, extensible platform to provide enterprise-level distribution of data stored either in FAME or relational databases via the Web," commented Christopher Hodges, technical product manager at SunGard Data Management Solutions. "This new version of accessPoint also offers optimized performance through its enhanced caching intelligence and the improved connection pools of FAME servers."

FAME TimeIQ models time-series, case series, scalars and name lists in an object-oriented manner to facilitate data manipulation. The FAME TimeIQ 2.1 release includes a number of new features and performance enhancements for customers building enterprise solutions around the FAME Time Series Database. A new "Exists" method has been added to help users easily determine if a series exists within a data resource; missing values codes are now available for name lists; and a "GenericRange" class has been added to represents a range that can be applied to either a date or a case series. The update also includes the notification of DataStore changes and intelligent MRU cache flushing. Connection pool performance improvements include load balancing across MCADBS servers, the detection of unreachable servers, and the intelligent creation of new connections to good servers.

The FAME Time Series Database provides a robust solution for the storage, management and manipulation of high-volume time series data, defined as information collected at recurring intervals over a specific calendar period. FAME’s time-intelligent architecture is designed to handle the unique properties of a time series, and offers a comprehensive set of tools and APIs to integrate data with downstream systems and custom applications.

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