PolarLake announces product roadmap: Adds management architecture to support massively distributed deployment and enhances support for non-XML enterprise data formats

Integration Suite 5.0, due in Q2 2005, will enable strategic ESB deployments to scale up without sacrificing flexibility

Integration Suite 4.1, due in January 2005, will deepen support for enterprise data formats ranging from Excel to UN-EDIFACT to FIX

November 22nd, 2004 PolarLake, a leader in standards-based incremental integration, today announces its technology roadmap, introducing a distributed management architecture supporting the largest enterprise-wide ESB deployments, and extending runtime support for non-XML data formats.

PolarLake Integration Suite Version 5.0, a major release scheduled for Q2 2005, provides support for major organizations deploying SOA and ESB solutions across the entire enterprise, enabling them to evolve and control such deployments through multiple simultaneous project lifecycles without sacrificing flexibility.

Providing a combination of features traditionally associated with business integration and business intelligence, PolarLake Integration Suite V5 will be the first ESB to enable deployment across the largest-scale distributed business integration projects. The product will include a unique distributed and dynamic domain-based management architecture, key features of which include

· Sophisticated role-based change management capabilities, controlling the simultaneous and dynamic creation, updating and deployment of multiple versions of services and business processes across the ESB

· Enhanced monitoring and intelligence reporting capabilities delivering increased control and visibility into the ESB

· Support for participation in processes by individuals based on roles and responsibilities in the organization as well as intervention, inspection and modification of ‘inflight’ processes and messages

"We have always seen the Enterprise Service Bus as an architecture capable of addressing the full range of integration projects: from the departmental all the way up to the cross-enterprise. Our customers increasingly use PolarLake in large scale strategic projects that demand sophisticated management, real-time business intelligence, and support for an even greater number of existing technologies and data formats", said Ronan Bradley, CEO PolarLake.

"I am delighted to announce that we will be the first ESB vendor to tackle the remaining core issue: that of scaling ESB deployments upwards and outwards without rendering them incapable of change - as happened with classic EAI approaches. With these releases, PolarLake will be the first vendor to provide a solution capable of matching and beating EAI solutions, not only on capabilities but also scalability. This, combined with our proven ability to drive down the cost of integration and deliver genuine ROI, confirms PolarLake as the leading ESB vendor for customers serious about integration."

PolarLake also announced the upcoming release of Integration Suite Version 4.1, to be released in January 2005, which significantly deepens support for enterprise data and message formats. Supported formats will include binary data, common text formats, Excel, OAG BOD, ANSI X12 EDI, UN/EDIFACT EDI, FIX and HIPAA.

This release enables the runtime conversion between these formats and XML formats - based on graphically defined mapping. This enables deep integration of almost any data or message format into PolarLake-based integration solutions, and thus supports the easy inclusion of almost any existing enterprise data within an ESB or Service Oriented Architecture - a critical requirement in the real-world, heterogeneous environments.

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