Traders can also access NYSE OpenBook TM, additional CBOT mini-sized quotes, and improved options functionality

LAS VEGAS, November 19, 2004 - Long recognized as a leading provider of technology, tools and services for very active traders, CyberTrader, Inc. announced today that it is now offering direct order-execution connectivity from its newly enhanced CyberTrader Pro platform to The Chicago Board of Trade's (CBOT) electronic trading platform, e-cbot, for the trading of its mini-sized Dow futures contracts.

Mini-sized Dow futures give traders more choices

The mini-sized Dow futures, first launched by CBOT in April 2002, have become increasingly popular with investors because of their deep liquidity, high intraday volatility, and because the contract offers exposure to the Dow Jones Industrial Average SM, a price-weighted average of 30 of the most well-known, liquid U.S. stocks.

"CyberTraders are educated, tactical traders who have always placed a great deal of emphasis on risk management when implementing their trading strategies," said Vincent Phillips, CEO of CyberTrader. "Mini-sized Dow futures offer traders deep liquidity and a high rate of intraday movement that can be ideal for short-term speculative trading. They also offer a hedge against adverse price fluctuation in the market."

CyberTrader also offers trading in CME E-mini TM products including: S&P 500 TM, NASDAQ-100, Russell 2000®, S&P Mid-cap 400 TM Futures.

CyberTraders get more streaming, real-time data

The new and improved CyberTrader Pro platform now also provides a direct connection to the NYSE OpenBook, giving CyberTraders a bird's eye view of the aggregate limit-order volume and depth-of-market for all NYSE traded securities and even greater control and visibility when trading. Another added feature includes streaming, real-time quotes for CBOT mini-sized contracts, including the mini-sized Gold and Silver futures contracts, so CyberTraders can stay continuously updated on product performance in other sectors of the market.

More sophisticated options strategies

Other platform enhancements include more sophisticated, multi-leg options strategies for advanced options traders. Now, any complex order that is accepted by the International Securities Exchange (ISE) can be entered into CyberTrader Pro's new order entry screen which also offers preformatted Condors and Butterflies and an easy-to-use screen for entering Ratios, Combos and other multi-leg strategies. These orders are automatically routed and executed through a fully electronic channel and, as with the existing complex option orders, qualify for reduced commissions when compared to entering the legs individually.

"What's best is that CyberTrader Pro is a competitively priced, completely integrated platform that allows CyberTraders to trade equities, options and futures all in one place and with the most sophisticated decision support tools and charting capabilities right at their finger tips, " added Phillips.

In August, CyberTrader announced that it had eliminated ECN and Exchange Fees for all of its clients in addition to giving them a choice of how they wanted their trades priced - either on a "per trade" basis of $9.95 plus $.003 per share above 5,000 shares, or on a "per share" basis of $.006 per share up to 2,000 shares and $.003 per share above 2,000 shares with $1 minimum.

CyberTrader Pro's newly enhanced features are making their debut today at the 2nd Annual Las Vegas Traders Expo which runs until November 21.

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