Credence launches InFact - The Intelligent Factsheet Designer

Mumbai, India
November 2, 2004

Client relationship management has become an inseparable part of the mutual fund industry with the growing competition and insatiable demand of investors for up-to date, timely and accurate information. With the rapid increase in the number of schemes and plans, it is becoming a very time consuming activity for fund houses to generate their monthly fact sheets. For these fund houses, Credence Analytics has launched a simple solution, InFact.

InFact or the intelligent factsheet designer is a system addresses all the activities in creation of factsheets, from the creation of output templates in MS-Excel, to the processing of the back office (Mfund) output, to the generation of the MS-Excel based charts and tables for each scheme of a Fund house before it is handed over to the printer for fine tuning and DTP.

Where generation of a month-end factsheet would normally take a fundhouse upto a week, now with Infact the same job has been simplified to the extent where a single user can complete the entire process in less than a day. This solution from Credence would therefore enable the fund houses in providing real-time and prompt information to their investors.

One of the leading fund houses was the first to implement Credence InFact for the generation of their month-end factsheets. Credence worked with the fundhouse to develop and enhance Infact and has been successful in simplifying the factsheet generation process. With the help of Infact the fund house is now able to generate its factsheet in a matter of a few hours, as compared to almost a week that they spent earlier for the same job.

Credence has launched InFact as a comprehensive factsheet automation tool for mutual funds which would not only take care of their current requirements but also keep pace with the rapid market changes. Mr. A. Vijay Simha, CEO, Credence Analytics, believes that Infact would evolve as an "Enterprise wide information dissemination management solution" for the mutual fund industry. It would evolve into a one-stop CRM solution for the fundhouses. As a comprehensive tool it would enable the fundhouses to provide their investors with personalised information on a real-time basis.

Recently Credence has bagged two other prestigious mandates Infact and the solution is under implementation at these respective fundhouses.

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