Axway introduces end-to-end B2B integration software for the Real Time Enterprise

17 November 2004, Uxbridge, Middlesex: Axway has launched B2Bi Gateway, an innovative software system that enables rapid, cost-effective integration between enterprises in a collaborative trading network. Axway B2Bi Gateway brings significant reductions in the cost of data exchange by automating and managing the increasingly complex area of business-to-business communication.

Axway B2Bi Gateway provides a single, comprehensive solution to manage trading exchanges across today's complex array of B2B standards, formats and protocols. It expands on the role of the traditional integration broker by linking enterprise systems and applications, not only to provide support for EDI but also for emerging XML-based frameworks and EDIINT. This combined capability provides enterprises with significant reductions in operating and support costs and also provides a solid platform for future growth in the volume and variety of trading partner exchanges.

B2Bi Gateway differs from other B2B products on the market by providing complete and proactive end-to-end monitoring of all application-to-application and business-to-business exchanges across the enterprise, and offering real-time notification of issues and errors. This is particularly important in supporting best practice and allowing vendors to meet SLA and delivery commitments.

Martin Stern, general manager, UK and Ireland, at Axway, said: "Our B2Bi Gateway is an easy-to-use and totally transparent solution for businesses who need to streamline their end-to-end value chain in order to reduce stock or streamline service offerings, shorten delivery times and maximise customer service. It offers a flexible and cost-effective way of integrating partners with enterprise data and, conversely, transforming enterprise data into an acceptable partner format before being routed to the relevant data transfer method. "

Axway developed its B2Bi Gateway in response to increasing demand for business to business trading solutions, brought about as enterprises strive to decrease costs and move towards a real-time business environment. This has created the need to standardise and improve both internal and external business processes.

Axway's B2Bi Gateway answers this demand by reducing the total cost of ownership of transacting business with partners, supporting multiple B2B standards and formats, ensuring quick and easy integration of partners into the community, and providing proactive tracking and tracing capabilities across the trading community.

Stern concluded: "The trading community of an individual enterprise may be diverse with partners of varying size, each trading at different levels of importance and probably with different levels of technical sophistication. Many large enterprises will also dictate the standards over which they are willing to trade. This makes it imperative for businesses to implement flexible B2B solutions that support the widest range of connectivity methods and offer the agility to speedily incorporate new partners and technologies in the future.

"Axway's B2Bi Gateway offering is a compelling solution, not only in terms of its technical capabilities, but also with the background of Axway's 20-year history in providing integration solutions to a wide range of blue-chip organisations and our risk-sharing approach to customer service."

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