Gemplus includes Bell ID’s ANDiS© Management Systems in smart ID solution for U.S. Government

16 November 2004

‘SafesITe Government’ helps federal agencies rapidly comply with Homeland Security Presidential Directive

Gemplus International S.A., the world's leading provider of smart card solutions, today announces the launch of ‘SafesITe Government’, its smart ID management system designed to help U.S. federal agencies quickly comply with Homeland Security Presidential Directive (‘HSPD-12’). Bell ID B.V., a subsidiary of London-based Bell Group and a global business partner of Gemplus, provides its software platform ANDiS© Management Systems as an integral component of the solution.

Issued by the U.S. President on August 27, 2004, HSPD-12 requires that all Federal executive departments and agencies issue ‘secure and reliable forms of identification’ to employees and contractors for physical access to all federally controlled facilities and logical access to federally controlled information systems during 2005. In order to help agencies prepare for future compliance with HSPD-12, Gemplus has assembled, pre-integrated, tested, and packaged its core products with those from Bell ID and other top identity management and security vendors, resulting in 'SafesITe Government'. This smart card-based identity management system embraces interoperability and allows systems integrators to concentrate upon their core capabilities: integration and delivery of the total identity management solution within the federal agency legacy environment.

'SafesITe Government' includes Gemplus' industry-leading smart cards, readers, personalization, issuance, and professional services, as well as applets, desktop, and card management system software from Dreifus Associates, LITRONIC/SAFLINK, and Bell ID. The integrated system allows federal agencies to enroll employees, personalise and issue smart ID badges, as well as update and manage the badges post-issuance.

Dave Ludin, Vice-President of Gemplus' ID & Security business unit in North America, commented: "Gemplus understands the budgetary, scheduling, and compatibility challenges involved in implementing a large-scale ID system. We have strategically chosen the industry's best ID management technologies and integrated and packaged them with our core products to interchangeably meet the U.S. Government's needs. Already selected within a large federal smart ID program deployment, 'SafesITe Government' offers government primes and system integrators a flexible and compliant solution that mitigates complexity and risk."

All 'SafesITe Government' components - smart cards, applets, desktop software, Bell ID’s ANDiS© card management system, and services - are interoperable and in compliance with existing U.S. federal standards, including FIPS 140-2 and GSCIS 2.1. Furthermore, Gemplus is committed to evolving federal standards, such as FIPS 201, offering agencies a way to meet government requirements today and ensure compliance in the future. 'SafesITe Government' ID cards use two-factor authentication, which requires users to prove their identities in two ways: using something they have (a secure and personalized ID card) and something they know (their PIN). This results in a higher level of security and authentication that protects sensitive ID data. When optional biometric functionality is added, agencies benefit from increased security using a third-factor of authentication.

'SafesITe Government' combines physical and logical access onto a single, secure ID badge that can also be enhanced through additional applications such as cafeteria payment, vending, and medical processing.

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