SHAREBUILDER SELECTS GAINSKEEPER TO DELIVER AUTOMATED TAX SERVICES TO RETAIL CUSTOMERS - --Tax lot accounting and portfolio management tools simplify life for investors--

BOSTON, Nov. 11, 2004—Wolters Kluwer Corporate & Financial Services announced today that ShareBuilder® Securities Corporation, an online brokerage firm designed to make investing in the stock market easy and affordable, has selected GainsKeeper® automated tax lot accounting tools to help ShareBuilder's customers track and report their capital gains for year-end taxes.

"At ShareBuilder, our small investor customers benefit from a low-cost, easy to use and automatic investing solution for building long-term investment portfolios," Harold Zeitz, ShareBuilder's chief operating officer and chief marketing officer, said. "GainsKeeper automated tax-lot accounting tools will help our customers maximize their after-tax returns and minimize time and energy needed to accurately fill out their tax forms."

The GainsKeeper system automatically calculates ShareBuilder customers' tax liabilities in their ShareBuilder accounts. It also alerts them to the impact of wash sales and other events, which can affect their taxes.

In addition, ShareBuilder customers can easily download historical transactions into the GainsKeeper system, where it automatically updates the cost basis of positions to reflect wash sales and corporate actions, such as mergers and splits, leading to accurate capital gains calculations.

"We look forward to working closely with ShareBuilder to provide their customers with our best-of-breed tax analysis tools," stated Cameron Routh, head of partner relations for the GainsKeeper line. "ShareBuilder customers can now effectively track and report their capital gains for year-end taxes as well as manage their portfolios for year-round tax efficiency."

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