Net Worth Strategies Announces New Program to Help Advisors Attract Corporate Executives

Employee stock option expert offers complimentary client analysis using its industry-leading StockOpter Insight software

Bend, OR (May 4, 2004) Net Worth Strategies, Inc., the leading provider of professional stock option planning software, education, and consulting services, today announced a program to show financial advisors how to attract executive clients by helping them analyze and manage their stock option position.

The new program invites financial advisors to download a free 30-day evaluation version of StockOpter Insight and input a client's grant information to create their "Personal Option Profile." As part of the program, a Net Worth Strategies option analyst will review the profile at no charge and assist the advisor in analyzing the risk/reward trade-offs of the client's holdings.

"Stock options are complex financial instruments that are not well understood by most executives," according to Bill Briggs, CEO of Net Worth Strategies. "StockOpter Insight allows advisors to quickly and inexpensively illustrate the wealth-building power and key decision metrics of an executive's option portfolio within the context of that person's overall financial situation."

In a product review, financial advisor and software expert John Olsen stated "StockOpter Insight was built to give the advisor â€" who may not have extensive expertise or experience in ESO planning â€" an easy to use tool to help ESO-holding clients to a better basic understanding of their options holdings and their inherent risks. This, by itself, would be a worthy goal, but StockOpter Insight goes further. It gives advisors the ability to monitor the clients' option portfolios over time, to help them manage those risks. In short, it's a relationship tool."

Phil Barnhill, of the Advocate Group in Minneapolis, MN and a StockOpter Insight client reported, "Plain and simple; StockOpter Insight, with its "Insight Ratio" provides a powerful, risk adjusted metric that is immediately useful to the client because it is statistically valid and yet sublimely simple to understand. The Insight Ratio provides a common language between client and planner that establishes a unique, proprietary foundation for present and future option exercise discussions. The tool enables us to lead our clients' thinking on when and why to exercise their options instead of them leading us."

StockOpter Insight is an easy to use and affordable tool that produces a customized report that quantifies the value, leverage, and risk in a stock option portfolio with highly valuable talking points. Currently, more than 250 investment professionals representing the top investment firms use StockOpter Insight to help clients make timely and prudent diversification decisions. Advisors seeking more information about serving option-holders can call 877-728-5964 to speak to an option specialist or visit for an online demonstration, or a 30-day evaluation version of StockOpter Insight.

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