EasyLink Services broadens its maritime services Service portfolio provides superior communications between ship and shore

May 27, 2004 - EasyLink Services Corporation (NASDAQ : EASY), a leading global provider of services that power the exchange of information between enterprises, their trading communities and their customers has announced four new maritime services within its OCEAN-Connect service portfolio offering low cost global communications for ship-board and shore-side users.

EasyLink has teamed up with Telaurus Communications, an Inmarsat and Iridium
development partner and service provider, to further expand its maritime
services to manage email anddata transfer communication requirements whilst
at sea.

OCEAN-Connect Ship offers ships the benefits of shore-based email systems with a significant cost reduction. OCEAN-Connect Ship software manages the communications needs of the vessel Master and shipping company taking the uncertainty out of communications by charging for the amount of compressed data sent across a satellite link rather than for the time it takes to send it. With no charge for dropped calls and disconnections, reduction of unnecessary costly satellite connections and pre-notification of message charges prior to transmission, EasyLink's OCEAN-Connect Ship offers shipping companies increased manageability and control.

OCEAN-Connect Crew offers crew members an affordable, private and accessible
communications whilst away. Using OCEAN-Connect Crew, crew members can control their personal finances through pre-paid usage, receive notification of message costs prior to sending and access a full log of messaging history with the added convenience of offering a 'follow-me' account. For the shipping company, OCEAN-Connect Crew offers a motivational tool without incurring any financial costs or administration time and OCEAN-Connect Crew does not interfere with the vessels traditional communications.

OCEAN-Connect Forms dramatically reduces the cost of transmitting frequently
updated information between ships and shore-based recipients. By storing existing operational forms electronically on a shore based server, and transmitting from the vessel only the compressed information contained in the variable fields across the satellite link, OCEAN-Connect Forms reduces costs by over 90% in comparison with other transmission technologies such as fax. OCEAN-Connect Forms is ideally suited to transmit the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) information which is legally binding from July 2004.

OCEAN-Connect Secure allows crew email communications on vessels where crew
communications have previously not been allowed due to increased security restrictions(such as commercial vessels under military charter). With OCEAN-Connect Secure, all crew email queued for transmission is first sent to the ship's security officer for review and approval. Once approved for delivery, the message is then transmitted to the addressee. The ship's security officer also has the option to intercept all incoming email if required.

"In the shipping industry, reliable and efficient messaging is particularly
essential. Our maritime services offer a range of newly emerging and established technologies to give shipboard and shoreside users the best in
maritime communications", said Klaus Irner, Maritime Services Product Manager, EasyLink Services.

The existing services within EasyLink's OCEAN-Connect portfolio are OCEAN-Connect Quick Start Mail, the first service of its kind to enable standard onboard telex terminals to send messages to telex, fax, EasyLink email, X400 and Internet addresses, and OCEAN-Connect gFax, a high-quality shore-to-ship and ship-to-shore fax/telex service that minimises the use of expensive satellite links.

For enquiries or to speak to EasyLink, please contact:
Ann Fielder
07768 632590.

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