Redi2 Offers Most Portable Enterprise Fee Billing System

OAKLAND, CA – May 26, 2004 – Redi2 Technologies, Inc. today announced that their core fee billing product – Redi2 Revenue Manager™ – is the most portable fee billing system in the investment management industry. Various investment management institutions are using Redi2 Revenue Manager™ in production using MSSQL Server, Oracle, and Sybase relational database platforms. No other fee billing system vendor in the industry can make such a claim.

"Our ability to offer the investment management industry a database- agnostic fee billing system is a significant differentiator for our offering," said Redi2 CEO Seth Johnson. "It is critical for a products company, with a niche in the financial services industry, to have the ability to offer prospective clients a choice when it comes to relational database technologies. Many firms have strict database technology standards and it gives Redi2 an edge to have a highly-portable product offering."

When Senior IT executives consider fee billing vendors, there is a strong appeal to go with the vendor that has the most seasoned relational database-compatible product. Redi2 Revenue Managerâ„¢ has been running smoothly in production on Sybase since 1997, on MSSQL Server since 1999, and Oracle since 2001. Redi2 is preparing the release of Redi2 Revenue Managerâ„¢ 4.0, which will continue supporting the latest in relational database technology - Oracle 9i, Sybase 12, MySQL, DB2, and MSSQL Server 2000.

"One of Redi2’s core values is to use best-of-breed technologies to increase the speed, power and flexibility of its products," said Fermin Garcia, Redi2’s President and CTO. "Using TenFold’s EnterpriseTenFold™ as Redi2’s strategic enterprise applications platform and integrating it with the industry’s leading RDBMS solutions is consistent with this core value because it enables Redi2 to rapidly deliver powerful new features with a customer-centric approach."

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