FrontGate Systems Announces New Financial Network Security Technologies including Firewall Multicast Support for Market Data Connectivity

New York, NY, May 12, 2004 - FrontGate Systems, LLC a leader in security technology for the financial services community today announced the immediate availability of two important technologies that further augment their Enterprise Security Service (ESS TM) targeted at the unique challenge of securing and managing multiple mission-critical market data and trading-related services.

The first technology announced is "Virtual Packet Isolation Technology" (VPIT TM) and enables FrontGate ESS systems to simultaneously separate and secure up to 1024 different market data/trading connections. FrontGate’s VPIT separates each market data or trading service utilizing Layer 2 VLAN’s and maintains this separation into and through its ESS firewall technology. VPIT leverages 802.1Q (Dot1Q) trunking provided by most Layer 2 network switches and enables these trunks to be directly channeled into the FrontGate ESS utilizing Gigabit copper technology. Dot1Q trunking coupled with VPIT establishes up to 1024 virtual interfaces inside the FrontGate ESS and provides for the ability to manage and secure each interface and/or market data service separately – each with its own unique set of rules.

"VPIT enables FrontGate to provide our clients with the tools and technology to effectively manage large numbers of market data and trading related connections within a single, fully redundant firewall/management system," explains Mark Weber, President and co-founder of FrontGate Systems. "Each inbound service remains separated from one another to ensure security, stability, and overall manageability. Further, VPIT enables each service to be managed completely separately within the FrontGate ESS so that unique firewall, NAT’ing, routing, IDS, and other related functions can be specifically configured for each unique service without impacting other services."

Concurrently, FrontGate Systems also announced the immediate availability of Multicast support for its ESS platform. "Proper handling of multicast traffic is increasingly important in today’s market data environment," remarks Mark Weber. "More and more market data service providers are leveraging multicast to reduce overhead and bandwidth related to the delivery of their service offerings."

Unlike many firewalls that cannot handle multicast traffic – or worse, tunnel the traffic without regard for security or payload content - FrontGate ESS provides specific capabilities to not only properly route multicast traffic, but also to secure it. This ensures that all multicast traffic is properly examined, filtered, and processed to ensure that all headers and payloads are "clean and appropriate."

"Firewalls were never designed to handle multicast," continues Weber. "As a result, firewall vendors have had to develop ‘work arounds’ in order to get this traffic through." "At FrontGate, multicast is core to the ESS system so proper handling and securing of this vital traffic is inherent to the FrontGate ESS technology."

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