Triforex announce the launch of a unique foreign exchange display and analysis system.

The system is embodied in a unique diagram - which we call a trigram - and which displays three foreign currencies simultaneously in such a manner that the user may read historic and live data on the three mutual exchange rates.

The diagram also displays a concurrent indication of the intrinsic strength of each currency with respect to the other two.

The historic behaviour of these intrinsic values may be viewed on an XY graph which maintains an interactive link to the trigram.

The system provides an extensive set of controls to define the appearance of the display and the diagram may be exported to a jpeg file. The user may select the currencies and the time period and may save and recall specific settings.

The system is launched via the company’s website, and consists of a Java based applet package which is initially downloaded and which thereafter provides access to the subscription service.

There is also a basic free service to registered users. A brochure may be downloaded from the web site.

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