- ITS Myriad integration across multiple communication channels and information environments demonstrated with Bloomberg, Antepo and FIX -

London and New York, 9 June 2004 - BT Syntegra today announced that Bloomberg and Antepo have joined the ITS Myriad Partner program. Full demonstrations of the new technologies can be seen at the SIA Technology Management Conference at The Hilton New York, booths #3106 and #3107.

BT Syntegra will also be showcasing the integration of ITS Myriad with FIX
messaging standards, bringing together voice and electronic trading. ITS Myriad from BT Syntegra is a multi-channel integration framework specifically designed for the trading environment. It empowers relationship management and decision support throughout the trade cycle, from opportunity spotting to trade capture and transaction processing.

By integrating the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service with ITS Myriad users can simply click on a name in the Bloomberg contact database to call that person from their turret or PBX phone. The names of the incoming callers will also be displayed where there is a match with a number in the Bloomberg contact database, and specific information on the caller is immediately made available to the user. This can include trade history, received and sent Bloomberg messages, Instant Message transcripts, the caller's profile, recent news relating to the call or the caller's company and an option to quick start a new Instant Bloomberg chat.

Gerald Walker, business manager, Bloomberg said "Speed of access to key contacts and their history is critical to everyone working on a busy trading
desk. By integrating Bloomberg and ITS Myriad we are giving traders and sales staff an instant connection to the information they need to be able to respond effectively to their customer requirements."

BT Syntegra has been working with Antepo, a leading provider of secure and reliable Instant Messaging (IM) to the investment banking community, to provide full integration with ITS Myriad. This ensures consistent functionality and supporting information, regardless of whether communications are conducted via phone, email, instant messaging, video or web. This consolidated environment improves productivity, team working and customer service.

Maxime Seguineau, Chairman and CEO, Antepo commented "The growth of instant messaging on the trading floor over the past two years has been phenomenal. It is now a defacto means of communicating trade details and advice. The partnership between Antepo and BT Syntegra means that trading floors can now use their instant messaging technology to premium advantage."

ITS Myriad effectively consolidates buddy lists and phone directories,
enabling a user to phone or message a buddy from a single list, or turn an
IM session into a phone call. ITS Myriad also allows rules to be set on what
constitutes priority alerts. Users can specify 'alert me' when a particular
topic is raised or an IM is received from a key client, keeping them informed of vital communications. Supporting information can be instantly on hand when the alert is actioned, such as trade and contact history.

ITS Myriad also provides enhanced presence management. Users can be selectively informed when trading partners or clients are logged on to their
IM or available on their turret and can inform buddies of their own presence
status, for example when busy on the phone. In this way ITS Myriad is providing notification across a multichannel environment.

The integration of ITS Myriad with FIX version 4.4 offers fully integrated voice and electronic trading. It allows buy-side central trading desks to receive Indications of Interest (IOIs) electronically using the FIX messaging protocol. If further information is required, ITS Myriad will allow point, click and dial directly to the sender of the IOI. The ITS Myriad infrastructure also allows buy-side traders to be alerted on price movements and new IOIs through their mobile devices, giving traders the flexibility to monitor and action any situation wherever they happen to be. ITS Myriad tracks each trade through its life cycle and allows a trader or compliance officer to track the status of the order in real-time, including pre and post trade allocation matching using FIX 4.4 messaging.

Rod MacDonald, managing director global financial services business unit, BT Syntegra said "We are delighted to be announcing our new partners to the ITS Myriad program at SIA this year. We look forward to developing the partnerships with Antepo and Bloomberg and announcing new relationships in the future. BT Syntegra has developed ITS Myriad as a powerful solution to integrate applications and information across any channel of communication. This gives our customers the competitive edge they need by differentiating the service they provide to their clients, however they chose to communicate."

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