Axway solutions to integrate applications at Renault Nissan Crédit

RNC solves the problems of integrating applications for company management and accounting functions, thanks to Axway solutions

9 June 2004, Uxbridge Middlesex: RNC (Renault Nissan Crédit), a company in the RCI Banque Group, has selected an integration solution suite from Axway, part of the Sopra group, to integrate the company's management applications.

RNC backs the sales of Renault and Nissan through various types of funding, either of the dealership networks or of the end buyers. With a client portfolio of 1.8 thousand million euros and 181 employees in Italy, RNC has had to meet considerable integration requirements.

Already adopted by 4,000 clients world wide, the Axway suite selected by RNC will solve the major issues of its current IT management system. First, XFB, (aXway File Broker), will provide a range of advanced functions for file transfer management, while RDJ, the Axway EAI solution, will allow rapid integration of new applications.

Through the use of Axway's XFB, RNC has achieved its aim of improving and automating file exchanges between users within the organisation, preventing direct access to systems while maintaining the possibility of communicating in FTP mode. In addition, RNC has been able to reorganise the data exchange system with external users, introduce a high level of security, use the RAS and Internet accesses already implemented, and check, monitor and manage all flow transfers on a centralised basis.

Through the use of RDJ, RNC has been able to increase operating efficiency. To do this, it was necessary to support the move towards accounting for elementary events ("raw" data), optimise the interface development/maintenance cycle, respond quickly to the growing needs for applications integration, and benefit from greater involvement of the administrative function in the definition and development of the operational events processing software.

In just a few months, RNC has automated the processing of more than 200 different types of event arising from the supply of scanning applications (General Accounting, Data Warehouse, etc.). The integration processes include validations, processing, code conversion, reformatting, aggregation, balance audits, multiplicity management, calculations and use of internal tables.

The Axway solutions have provided specific business advantages for RNC. In particular, RDJ has made it possible to:
* have a single source of supply for the scanning systems
* process data more efficiently
* centralise the applications integration processes, thus permitting better control
* rationalise and optimise development and maintenance work
* manage deviation situations with the possibility of isolating individual error events
* obtain a better quality of results produced (zero deviation), as well as greater flexibility and reactivity of the integration system in response to changes in the business context.

As for XFB, the suite, thanks to the high degree of automation offered, has made it possible to reduce manual interventions drastically, to manage exchanges more quickly and reactively, and to provide better control and centralised monitoring of transfers, thus optimising the use of human resources. Easy to implement and providing maximum security, XFB has made it possible to reduce operating costs by optimising the use of networks.

"RDJ represents for RNC the solution to the problems of the integration of applications for business management functions and accounts," says Enzo Carpentieri (DAM Board of Directors). "The total reliability and great flexibility of the product, combined with its flexibility in use, have made it possible for our organisation to handle changes arising from the use of credit instruments, with considerable savings in terms of time and optimisation of the use of human resources."

For further information please contact:
Nicola Dobson
Tel: 01959 568 534

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