VhaYu introduces the VhaYu Historical Market Data Solution™ (HMDS)

Delivers Fastest Access to Historical Data for Trading, Algorithm Modeling, Quantitative Research, Back Testing and Time and Sales

Los Gatos, CA, June 2, 2004 — VhaYu Technologies, the leading supplier of fast and easy-to-use financial market data solutions, today introduced VhaYu Historical Market Data Solution™ (HMDS), a new market data solution designed specifically for buy-side and sell-side traders who need to perform complex analytics on historical market tick data. VhaYu HMDS combines speed, ease of use and fast installation, three attributes that until now have not been available in a single-system solution.

VhaYu HDMS can store many years of tick-by-tick, quote or derived data for any asset class. It gives financial firms the power to perform complex analytics on the stored data, including quantitative research, algorithm modeling, back testing of trading strategies and times and sales in record time, in milliseconds. Additionally, VhaYu HDMS can store many years of tick-by-tick, quote or derived data for any asset class.

"Existing market data installations are extremely hard-pressed to keep up with the explosive growth in trading volumes due to market fragmentation, decimalization and program trading, and it’s getting more critical with every passing day," said Jeff Hudson, VhaYu’s CEO. "We’ve responded by developing the industry’s fastest and easy-to-use solution that leverages all of our technological breakthroughs in our expanding suite of market data solutions."

The VhaYu solution stores historical tick data, also known as TAQ, intervalized bar data and proprietary data. In addition, corporate actions and corrections can be stored separately, providing users with a choice of viewing and analyzing either raw data or corrected data. VhaYu HMDS can be easily upgraded to capture and store real-time data as well.

Easy to install, VhaYu HMDS is preconfigured and set up to run out of the box. Underscoring the commitment to ease of use, VhaYu HMDS includes interfaces to the soon-to-be-announced VhaYu XLStreamâ„¢ Microsoft Excel plug-in, MATLAB and S-PLUS. Also included are a full suite of industry-standard interfaces, including Java, C and C++, to name a few. A robust solution, HMDS scales linearly with demand by adding CPU processing capability or storage capacity to support multiple simultaneous users.

"VhaYu HMDS gives financial firms the tremendous competitive advantage they need in deciding how to trade, what to trade and when to trade. By offering a powerful combination of speed and ease of use, running on cost-effective Intel-based platforms, this solution can significantly increase today’s requisite ROI, " said Tejpal Chadha, VhaYu’s CTO and co-founder. "Our objective is to engineer the best market data solutions in order to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our financial market customers."

For more information please contact:
Marty Rabkin / martinrabkinink
845.425.1064 / 914.420.5739 (cell)

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