The Fry Group Commit to WMS Fairs Software Upgrade

Worthing based investment house, "The Fry Group" has signed a deal with WMS
Fairs to upgrade and expand its current Fairs back office suite of software.
The Fry Group will implement a multi user licence of Fairs IFA Manager across its offices in the South.

Fairs IFA Manager will be seamlessly integrated into existing Fry Group software packages and this degree of flexibility played a large role in Fry's decision to select the Fairs solution over the competition. The upgrade will be made to the existing Fairs 16-bit Windows Manager to a 32-bit IFA Manager + and the back office will be totally centralised.

The Fry Group has been advising both expatriate and resident clients on Tax and Financial Planning matters since 1898 and has a well-respected reputation both within the industry and amongst clients generally. In the past 15 years the Group has put a good deal of emphasis on developing its own range of investment services for its clients which still retain third party fund managers so that the Group can genuinely claim it remains independent.

Commenting on the decision, Graham Barnes from the Fry Group said:

We are delighted to move ahead with WMS Fairs. We have had an excellent experience thus far and we are looking forward to recent changes, both within Fairs and with the new software helping our development".

Parallel running with the existing Fairs Software system is already well underway and initial results have been most favourable. Data migration issues have been minimal considering the size of the present database. Good levels of communication and careful project planning from both from Fairs and the Fry Group have ensured that the deadlines for full implementation will be met

Speaking about the continued partnership with The Fry Group, Gary Sawyer,
Managing Director of WMS Fairs, commented:

"The Fry Group have been clients of WMS Fairs for many years now and their decision to expand and upgrade their Fairs software suite is extremely pleasing for us. The group have always been very committed to the use of technology within their practice and they accept that off the shelf solutions are sometimes not enough for the larger IFA business. We offer flexibility regarding our products and our development services which will help Fry's to make the Fairs software fit closely with their existing business practices and IT systems. This close knit will ensure that this valuable client will obtain maximum benefits from their software investment and will remain a customer of Fairs for years to come."

Whilst discussing the implementation plans Sawyer continued:

'The Fry Group has their own in-house IT experts and Fairs have worked extremely well with this resource in the past. This existing relationship will be most valuable to the project during the implementation process. Having good technical resource at both ends makes the implementation of new systems much more efficient."

The deal with the Fry group is the largest Fairs upgrade deal since Fairs became part of the Wealth Management Software (WMS) group of companies. WMS believe they now have the most comprehensive suite of software products available in the financial sector. Anyone interested in learning more about Wealth Management Software and WMS Fairs Financial Adviser products should contact Gary Sawyer on 0191 245 2000

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