Tests Show Excellent Performance of Merlin on Linux

London, January 29th 2004. - In recent initial performance tests on Linux,
the Merlin Margin module has achieved significant performance figures.
"Indications are that its performance far exceeds that possible on some existing leading operating systems", said Phil Reed, chief technology officer at Rolfe & Nolan.

"The Merlin philosophy of platform independence is mirrored in Linux's chipset orientated, manufacturer independent approach. Merlin and Linux complement each other well, as these tests reflect. As Merlin has developed, the industry's demand for Linux has become increasingly apparent. These tests, on the Intel platform, underline Linux's performance advantages."

Merlin is Rolfe & Nolan's suite of state-of-the-art modules that are platform independent, standards-based and cross-asset capable. Merlin's architecture is a culmination of extensive trading workflow analysis, industry input, and detailed technical design. Merlin modules, covering a broad range of key business processes (e.g. commissions, margin), provide best-of-breed functionality and operate seamlessly with the Merlin architecture to provide efficient, real time, exception-based trade processing.

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